The Difference Between Men and Women

laughter Apr 09, 2016

This picture is hilarious & does a great job of highlighting the difference between men and women. I'd like to share how that came into play in our house last night.the_difference_between_men_and_women_balconies._5035898587

<Important background info: we had a mouse in the house...>

Setting the scene: Mousetrap set up in morning after seeing a mouse in the pantry... Husband & wife watching a movie on the couch. Suddenly, a snap, a whimper, and a cough...

ME: Oh no! The poor little mouse... <tears welling in eyes> HIM: <huge smile, grunt of victory & fist pump>

A few minutes later...

ME: Is that the mouse or the tv? HIM: the tv

A few minutes later...

ME: I think that's the mouse... HIM: <goes to check>

The mouse is still alive and trying to get out of the trap... ugh.

ME: You want to take him outside & let him go? HIM: No. He'll just be some other animal's dinner.

HIM: <disappears with mouse to basement>

A few minutes later...

ME: How'd you do it? With a shovel? HIM: <proudly nods head>

This morning...

ME: <still thinking about the poor mouse & the family he left behind> HIM: <thinking about when the Masters will come on...>

It's amazing men & women can live together. Our brains are so different!!! I guess we both need each other because our house would be filled with mice in a few weeks if I didn't have him around! LOL!!! ‪#‎lifeonafridaynight‬‪#‎thankfulformyman‬


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