The First Day of 2018!

motivation Jan 02, 2018

The first day of 2018!!! WOWEE!!! 😲💫🎉🎆

I'd love to know how you are spending it...

Are you spending any time by yourself in thought? Are you evaluating your 2017 and what you did well and what you want to do better?

Are you spending part of today setting goals for what you want to accomplish and what impact you want to make on the world no matter how big or small?

I LOVE beginnings and today is like a rebirth in my mind.

During the year we have Mondays which are a mini reset. And we have the first day of every month which takes the reset up a notch and gives us a chance to start anew 12 times a year.

But a NEW YEAR?!!! We probably will get between 80 and 100 of these if we're lucky... And for me, that number is quickly dwindling which makes today even more important!!!

So today I started with a brand new notebook...

On page 1 I wrote: "Welcome 2018!" and right after that I wrote, "What I did good in 2017." I began my list but I'm going to continue to reflect throughout my day and add to that list as I think reflection is so important.

Reflecting on last year sets my thought process in motion for how I want to move forward in the new year. (What did I do that I want to continue? What did I not do that I wanted to do? What did I do that I could have done better?)

On page 2, I made a list of my desired goals. And every goal has a NUMBER!!! This is so I can measure my progress against each goal on the first day of every new month to see how I'm doing.

I did not go crazy with goals. I have 8. But I made sure that they touched on different areas of my life: health, education/learning, happiness, serving, finances, and home. It's important to give attention to the areas of your life that you value because those will bring you the most joy & satisfaction.

So here's to a rebirth! A new year! A new set of goals! And a new notebook to fill up! I can't see what new experiences and people 2018 will bring into my life... <3


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