The Hard Part About Being a Parent

aging family health Apr 13, 2016

Nikki moving to CharlestonBeing a parent is soooooo hard no matter how old your kids get. You want what is best for them but that’s not always what’s best for you…

Today my oldest daughter left the state where she was born & raised. She’s left before but I’ve always known it was temporary.

She went to Florida for college but she came back.

She tried NY for a year but she came back.

She tried Charlotte, NC for a year but she came back.

Virginia was in her heart. And even though I knew she was my child with wanderlust, I knew she’d be back.

This time is different. This time I know she won’t be back. She has a family now and they are lucky enough to live anywhere. So they researched the best place to live and raise their children and they picked Charleston.

I know they will be happy there. And I am happy for them. TRULY happy! Because that’s what’s most important to a mom – her child’s happiness.

But I’m still sad for me… ‪#‎nohappydancetoday‬ ‪#‎tryingtosmile‬


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