The Things You Never Expect to Learn from a Doctor

aging educational health May 24, 2016

Right as I was finishing my first week of my 3rd time doing P90x3, I had a bit of a setback.... Too many one-armed planks and side arm balance moves for this grandma!!! And it was totally my fault for doing the workout when my shoulder was already sore. And then continuing when it was bothering me during the workout. Big lesson learned!!! The pain came on bad in the middle of the night Saturday and the following day became so excruciating that I ended up taking some old pain medicine my husband had. I hoped it would get me through the night and tide me over until my doctor's office opened at 8am on Monday. I lasted until 5am.... Not only was my pain horrible, but the medicine had made me so sick, I threw up. So my husband drove me to the ER.

I was so happy to get help... You know that desperate feeling where you'd let them do anything!!! Me, needle-hater extraordinaire, was thrilled to get a shot in the butt for the pain! Our visit was quick & easy - we got out of the ER in a record 1 hour time and I got medicine that didn't make me sick & got the pain under control. Oh happy day!!!

I was able to get an appointment with an orthopedic doctor today and got a cortisone shot. I happy to report that I'm officially on the mend! The worst of it is OVER!!! My new BFF doctor thinks I won't need another shot and that by the end of the week & I can start on some strengthening exercises.

I haven't had a pain pill since my shot so I'm feeling pretty good! I'm still limited in the use of my arm. I can't raise it very high, and so many tasks that are normally routine, like blow drying my hair, I can't do!
I will say I have a great doctor because I told him I couldn't put on my bra - I can only get on a sports bra - And he reminded me of the old "hook it in front and slide it around" trick! How AWESOME is he?!!!!
And then I come to find out there are 2 categories of people: front claspers and back claspers!!! Which are you? As of tomorrow, I will officially be moving from back to front!!!

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