The Younger the Better

aging health motivation Oct 17, 2017

This passage in the book I'm reading right now stopped me in my tracks when I read it... It was so impactful that I shared it at our recent coach retreat. And it caused a few tears to be shed.

Please read it and share it on your timeline. It is a message that needs to be heard by everyone, no matter their age - in fact, the younger, the better!

"You may think you're protecting yourself from judgment, rejection, or upsetting someone, but when you make excuses and talk yourself into waiting, you are limiting your ability to make your dreams come true. 

I'm amazed by how much time I've wasted in my life waiting for the right time, waiting until I'm sure, waiting until I think my work is perfect, or waiting until I feel like it.

You may be afraid of finding out that you suck. Let me tell you what really sucks:

➡️ Being older and regretting that you never went for it.
➡️ Being 56 and realizing you should have divorced your spouse ten years ago.
➡️ Being 45 and wishing you had had the courage to take on a project at work that would have changed the trajectory of your career.
➡️ Sitting in college classes earning a degree to please someone else when knowing in your heart that you want to be doing something else.

There is no right time. There is only right now. You get ONE LIFE. This is it. And it's not going to begin again. It's up to you to push yourself to make the most of it and the time to do it is right now." -- Mel Robbins

WOW! Just WOW! Now go out and make it a great day!!! And take that leap. And have faith that the universe has your back. #ItsNoworNever 🧡


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