There are no accidents in life

I remember it clearly… The day I found out I was an “accident.”

Days like that, the ones where the world as we knew it changes, tend to stand out in our memory. For me, it was because what I always thought to be true - that I was intentionally conceived & part of a plan - was no longer my reality.

And the funny thing is… the truth came out because of MY ACTIONS. We were sitting at the table, right after Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t remember the specific year, but I know it was at my sister’s house and I was a young married woman who was trying to get my parents to admit my sister was an accident.

Uh... That kind of back-fired. LOL! 😂

In fact, I was 99% certain my sister was the accident of the family so I was simply pressing for confirmation of what I already knew... because who gets married after only dating 5 months and then gets immediately pregnant?

Well, I guess my parents do! 💑

So here we were, at the dinner table, full bellies, and me digging for an admission of their lovemaking “oops.”

Unexpectedly, after what I’m sure was a few alcoholic drinks too many and several assurances that my sister was wanted and that they were excited to be expecting, my father blurted out: “No Laurie. YOU were the accident!”

WHAT?!?! Uh…. Gulp. Hmmm. (mind racing!) Well, that didn’t turn out as I had pictured….

It wasn’t so much the way he said it because he was laughing as he said it, but it was the word “accident” that totally threw me off. Immediately, questions about God and creation and miracles began swirling in my head .

He went on to say that, upon hearing the news of my mom’s pregnancy, he ran screaming out of their small apartment and down their street. Nice. What a great visual. 😳

I think for the first time that night, I didn’t say a word. (And that’s a rare occurrence!)

Looking back, it’s really kind of silly that it affected me so much because my parents were great and I always felt very loved.

But this new news shook me to my core.

My immediate thought was: I’m not supposed to be here… It was a mistake that I was born. 😢

The thoughts that came from this seemingly innocuous Thanksgiving dinner kept replaying in my head for a long time....

But today I realize it was a huge turning point for me in my spiritual journey. That moment led me to believe that we are all miracles and the universe has a plan for us.

There are no accidents. There is a purpose in every being.

I now know that I wasn’t a mistake at all. I’m supposed to be here and make an impact in the world. I’m still figuring all that out and probably will continue to until the day this life of Laurie is over!

I also believe that our life on Earth is meant to be a lesson, to help us grow in the areas we need to. Some make a lot of progress while they are here, and others get stuck.

I think those who make the most progress are curious learners who desire personal growth & seek understanding of both their inner self and of others.

And the good news about aging is that as I grow older, the more I seek understanding. The more I seek growth. The more I seek pushing myself outside of my comfort zone because I know that’s where the most progress will happen.

Planned or unplanned, “accident” or “on purpose,” I hope you get that YOU have a PURPOSE.

You may not know what it is yet but that's ok....

If you know, I hope you are living your purpose with unbridled conviction. 🤸‍♀️

If you don’t know, I encourage you to start the exploration process because I believe we all made a deal before we got here, and you need to stick to your end of that deal before time runs out! 


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