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Today's Lesson From Calm

health motivation Apr 05, 2017

Today's lesson from Calm:

"One of the challenges of meditation is stopping and taking the time to do it. For many of us putting a pause on productivity is difficult. We love to feel like we're getting somewhere and accomplishing things. 

We've become addicted to visible progress; therefore sitting and meditating to some might appear to be inactive and unproductive. There's nothing further from the truth.

The daily rush against the clock creates the illusion that the more we do and the more we accomplish is what drives our success. This is a misinformed and counterintuitive belief. 

As we fill up every moment, we leave no space to observe what's going on in our minds and bodies. No opportunity for clarity or insight. No room for rest, recovery, or healing. Or for creativity and and new ideas to be born. 

So there is tremendous value in this time you're spending in stillness and non-doing."


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