Transformation happens from the OUTSIDE

I’m sure you’ve heard the common phrase: “Transformation happens from the inside out” but I’m here to call bullcrap on that!

It’s bullcrap because who in the heck has the desire or the confidence to work on their inside when they feel terrible on the outside?!?! 

Unfortunately all those male “experts” out there who are telling us to work on our insides, have never dealt with menopause or bat wings!!! I actually had a client tell me that when she complained about her bloated belly, her male doctor told her that unfortunately that’s just a part of menopause.

That’s funny. I’ve had a bit of a pot belly my whole life (pre-menopause) yet my stomach got the flattest it’s ever been at age 55 after intensifying my exercise routine and improving my nutrition. And it wasn’t until I began to see results in the process of that transformation that I even considered the inside needed a transformation too! 

It’s just like an old house that is in disrepair! Would you do a kitchen renovation when the roof is leaking? 

Look at Richard Simmons who began gaining weight as a small child and became an obese teenager. His transformation began from the outside when he became interested in fitness in his early 20s. But unfortunately for Richard, exercise studios back then catered to the already-fit customer, so there was little help for people like him so he started his own gym, and this newfound passion led him to lose 123 pounds.

Richard is a great example of transforming from the outside in. Once his external transformation began, his work on the internal transformation followed. And as he gained confidence, his success soared.

If you’re anything like the old me, you don’t have any energy or motivation to even push the start button on the treadmill - you know, that big piece of equipment in your basement where all the dust bunnies live! 

If you’ve let yourself go and don’t recognize the person in the mirror looking back at you, SURE you have work to do on the inside! You KNOW THAT!!! You know you need to change your thinking to find yourself and feel like YOU again.

BUT I guarantee that you will never be motivated to make those mental shifts until you start to see positive change on the OUTSIDE.

As a coach. I’ve watched countless women gain energy & confidence through exercise & healthy eating after joining a virtual accountability group.

Once you know you are not alone and are surrounded by like-minded women who are going through the same challenges but having success, you feel inspired that physical change is possible. And in a very short time span, when physical change starts to happen, a light bulb will go off in your head.

And this light bulb is what opens the door and essentially lights the way to your inside where the most important work can then begin.

Physical change is the doorway to mental change, not the reverse!!!

And that’s why I created my "Make the Rest Your Best" program, that includes both a Food & Fitness course AND a course that teaches my unique 4 step process, The M.O.J.O.O. Method, on how to take goals from imagination to execution. 

These courses, in combination, provide everything you need for a total midlife transformation that will set you up so that your next decade is your healthiest and most fulfilling yet.

If you’re interested in learning more about The M.O.J.O.O. Method, click the button below and join my 5 day midlife "Make Some Mojo" Challenge, where I provide free training guaranteed to give you at least one great AHA moment and it might even kick off your own midlife transformation.

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