Want to Know Why I Love the Seasons?

motivational Oct 21, 2015

Fall is my favorite season for sure, but what I’ve realized is that I get excited about the start of EVERY season because seasons are all about change. I like change. I’ve always been someone who is very open to change and finds boredom in the same old, same old. And aren’t the seasons the best example of this? (It probably helps that I live in the state of Virginia where the change of seasons are so evident!!!)

I think I especially have change on my mind because I’m heading out to Los Angeles to attend what I’ve hear is a life-changing event – a Tony Robbins conference called “Unleash the Power Within.” Apparently I will be locked in a freezing auditorium with 9,000 strangers and will have the opportunity to walk on fire!!!

First of all, I get cold easy so that part is particularly uncomfortable to me! (I packed my down jacket, gloves, and wool hat!) And I’m not sure how I’ll walk on fire without burning my feet… But hey! I’m open to anything… Remember, I like change.

To truly change you have to challenge yourself. So I’m putting myself in what I’m sure will be some uncomfortable spots over the next 4 days. But I’m excited about it. I’m actually really, really, excited about it. I’m wondering what kind of adventure I’ll be taken on.

How will I be touched and moved and inspired? And how will I be able to take what I’ve learned and then use it to help others?

You see, the journey I’m on is a life journey. It’s not a Beachbody journey. Beachbody has been a huge impetus for change in my life. And it is a great platform for helping me reach others with products that truly work and are life-altering from a physical standpoint.

But to be perfectly clear, it’s so much more than physical… To truly change, it has to come from the inside. It has to be a mindset shift. It has to be emotional. It has to be spiritual. And you have to find the RIGHT person to support you and believe in you.

My wish for you is that you find that person, and you begin a new season. If that season is now and you are ready to begin an inside and out change, then I am here for you.

If you aren’t ready yet, that is totally ok! Change is a scary thing. And often, we are held back because of this. It is more comfortable to stay in the same place and not risk the unknown. But honestly, at the end of change is ALWAYS a better place.

Over the next 4 days, I will be posting my experiences during this life-changing event in the hopes that whatever I get out of this event, maybe a little of it will rub off on YOU!!! And maybe, if you are hesitant about committing to change, it will light a fire to make it happen


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