What Do You Remember from 2015?

motivational Jan 06, 2016

Do you know how awesome it is to say you're going to do something and actually do it?!!! And it's something that takes a whole year... 365 actions - once a day for a whole year! I'm someone who always gets excited with new ideas. I start a lot of them but often they either lose their pizzazz or I get excited about something else and move on to that. I just don't stay committed to them for whatever reason.

But I read a book that really impacted my mindset about committing to following through on my actions. In the book, "The Compound Effect," Darren Hardy talks about how the smallest of actions over time have a compound effect. In other words, seemly small and insignificant actions, if repeated and continued over a long period, will make a HUGE difference.

I just experienced the joy of seeing the compounding of my actions in effect as 2015 came to a close. It is the result of a suggestion that Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the book "Eat, Pray, Love," posted on her Facebook page about having a "Happy Jar" that you fill with your happiest moment from each day of the year. When I saw the picture of her with her 2014 Happy Jar, I knew right then that I wanted to make a commitment to building my own Happy Jar, and I began on January 1st of last year by adding my happiest moment of that day and every single day thereafter.

So here we are... It's 2016! And I have a jar filled with happiness!!! What an awesome thing to behold!

It is a treasure. And it is simply the result of me taking one small and very simple action each day for many, many, many days in a row.

Here are just a few nuggets that I got to relive, picked from random from my jar:

  • 7/1/15 - Dancing and doing cartwheels at my friend's 50th birthday party.
  • 2/4/15 - Finishing my last sip of prep for my colonoscopy!
  • 3/21/15 - Eating a burger with onion rings and a glass of wine (after 33 days of no alcohol!)
  • 5/30/15 - Eating s'mores by the fire on last night of our coach retreat.
  • 9/2/15 - Having James win the veteo on Big Brother!
  • 6/8/15 - Watching the USA beat Australia in the women's World Cup soccer match.
  • 10/20/15 - Signing a lease for my mom's new assisted living apartment, 10 minutes from me.
  • 6/27/15 - Getting a message from one of my customers who lost 7 pounds her 1st week on the 21 Day Fix!
  • 2/14/15 - Receiving the best birthday card of my life: a clipping from my husband of a Valentine's Day message I put in the newspaper to him from 1979!

Most of these moments I had forgotten. But now they are back in my head and I get to feel them all over again. What a gift!

Thank you to Darren Hardy for teaching me the power of the compound effect!

Thank you to Elizabeth Gilbert for giving me such a fantastic idea that I can now pay forward through this blog post!

And thank you to all of you who were a part of my 2015 happiest moments....



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