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motivational Jan 09, 2015

2014 was a great year for me so I spent a bit of time reflecting on why it was and what I learned last year that stands out as helping to make it one of my best years so far. I’m sure there are a lot of little things that I’ve probably forgotten, and there are, I’m thankful to say, the things that didn’t happen. Like none of my loved ones got really sick or laid off or were in an accident. Those things can really take the wind out of a great year.


So as I start this new year, I’m counting my blessings and looking back with a huge sense of gratitude for 12 months well-lived and certainly well-appreciated. Here are my 2014 lessons learned:

LESSON 1: Age is just a number.

I never thought it possible that I’d ever do a chin up, let alone do my first after my 55th birthday. I mean, if you can’t do one in your prime, you’d think it’d be impossible when you have a few extra miles on you. Being able to do a chin up and then proceeding to get in the best shape of my life last year, taught me that age really IS just a number!

LESSON 2: You can start from scratch at 55.

I assumed I’d stay in my current profession until I retired. I mean, who can leave a 6 figure job a few short years from retirement, start a brand, new career in a different field and become just as successful? I didn’t think it was possible when 2014 started out, but now I know it is and I’m well on my way to doing it! Crazy!!!

LESSON 3: Old dogs can be taught new tricks.

If, on 1/1/14, you had given me a list all of the new software applications I’d be learning, I would have given you the “You is a nutcase” stare. But here I am, a grandma of 2 learning new applications that make my life easier on almost a weekly basis. One year ago I had never heard of Picmonkey, Zoom, Evernote, Instapresenter, Asana, Hootsuite, Sendible, Diptic, Timehop, Puffin, Slack, or iMovie (Yes! I make movies!). And now I’m a seasoned user of them all! I wonder what new applications 2015 will bring me…. Oh! I also learned how to play golf. Some may say I’m not much of a golfer, but I learned to like the game and enjoy playing so that’s enough for me!!! And I’ve got some new clubs and cute clothes so at least I look the part!

LESSON 4: A 52-year old bachelor can become husband-of-the-year material

I have to give my husband a lot of credit for my happy year. Marriage was a big adjustment for him 5½ years ago but he is an amazing guy, supporting me with all my crazy ideas and showing the depth of his love for me in so many ways. He has come a long way since our wedding day, and I don’t think his friends can believe it, but he truly deserves to be recognized as top husband material.

LESSON 5: Visualizing your goals truly works

I experienced this firsthand and it is pretty darn crazy! I entered a contest and I visualized winning the contest. Even when I thought too much time had passed and the winners had likely been chosen, I purposefully erased those thoughts from my brain whenever they entered it. And less than a week later, after doing some hard-core visualization, I was notified that I was a contest winner. I intend to practice visualization for my 2015 goals because I know it works!

LESSON 6: It’s never too late to find your true passion

I’ve always been troubled by the fact that I’ve not been passionate about anything. Yeah, I’m a happy, positive person but I didn’t have that THING. Some people find that thing very young. For some, it’s a hobby. For some lucky people, they’ve made it their job. So I’ve always been bothered that I didn’t have that thing that I like to do above all else and that I would dedicate all my spare hours to doing if I could. Well, in 2014 I found it! Yep! My thing is being a health & fitness coach. I only wish I didn’t have to sleep 7 hours a night so I could do it more. I guess my arms are thankful they get a rest from the computer. :)

LESSON 7: Giving is better than receiving

I can honestly say that I’ve not been good in the giving department most of my life. And I’m not talking about gift giving because I’m pretty good at that. I’m talking about the more selfless kind of giving… the giving of my time, the giving of my ear, the giving of my attention. 2014 was a turning point for me. I am much more aware when I’m talking too much and not listening enough. I catch myself and then course correct. I want to be more of a giver in 2015.

LESSON 8: I can bring value to people’s lives

Somewhere along the discovery of my newfound passion and my own physical transformation, it dawned on me that I now have a platform for helping women over 50, like me. I want them to know that life is just beginning, that there is so much of life to look forward to, and you can be your best self at this age. I have the capability to motivate them and I’m developing a track record of success stories. I even created a Happy class, inspired from a show I heard on the radio, and I absolutely love teaching it to anyone who feels it can help them. I met some incredible new friends in 2014, and I can’t wait to see who will come into my life in 2015….


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