What Kind of Life Do You Want to Live?

motivation Mar 24, 2017

This excerpt from "The 12 Week Year" hit a chord with me...

"The choices that you make on how you spend your time, ultimately create your results in life. The great people, the giants of history whether in politics, culture, art, science, religion, or any endeavor you can think of, had no more time in each day than you do. What they did with their time made all the difference. The breakdown lies in your moment-by-moment choices. Most people make choices that increase their short-term benefits and minimize their short-term costs.

In 2011, the average American spent 2.8 hours a day watching TV. That's 12% of our lives - and that number does not include the hours spent on the newly available entertainment devices such as smart phones and tablets. We often watch TV to escape and to relax. We do it partly because it's easy; we don't have to do anything except change the channel. The TV may be beneficial in some ways, but helping us to live a life of significance isn't one of them."


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