What Would My Grandchildren Say...

Last week I got a whisper from the universe. I attended the funeral of a woman who was loved deeply by her family. Two of her grandchildren gave beautiful eulogies. (I was very grateful to find some used kleenex in my purse!) It struck me that if my 2 grandchildren were to give me a eulogy, they would probably say: "I love my Nannie, but she's always on the computer." I spent a lot of my children's lives on my computer, working almost 24x7 trying to build my career. I never had a 9a to 5p schedule really. It was work, work, work. (Fortunately they turned out ok in spite of that!) And now while super focused on building my 2nd career, I find I'm often tuned out during what should be family time.

So the universe gave me a good lesson! And I was paying attention. I will strive to make a better effort to be present with my grandchildren. They are so, so, so precious to me, and I enjoy them so much. And I want them to give me the kind of eulogy that I heard that day.

Thank you Jean Francolini for making an impact - even from Heaven....

My sweet, precious, and adorable grandbabies:

Burke + Molly 5-26-15


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