Will & Grace and the Law of Attraction

motivation Jan 25, 2017

The Law of Attraction at work once again!!! It is just CRAZY when this happens...

Last week I ran across an episode of Will & Grace. Mind you, I have not watched one single episode of this show since I've been with my husband (10 years).

So when I stumbled upon it as I was channel surfing (which I NEVER do!), I said to my husband, "Have you ever seen this show?" He had not. WHAT?!!!!

Of course I made him watch it and told him it was one of my favorite all time shows....

THEN... the universe called THE NEXT DAY and told me the show IS COMING BACK!!!! OMGGGEEEEEE! Will & Grace AND Karen & Jack!!!!

I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! #weekmade https://youtu.be/wDe934lJlqY

Any other Will & Grace fans out there? Who's your favorite character?


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