You Might Think You're Old But You Have Real Experience!

aging health motivational Nov 09, 2015

Do you realize that if you are 58 years old, you have the potential, in this day and age, to live another 40 years? And don't you think you deserve to be doing what you love? That's why I took a huge leap of faith this past June and left my 20+ year career in project management. I finally found what I wanted to do! Late in life I know, but it happened, and I wasn't going to not go for it.

Some might think it was a huge risk. It definitely made my husband nervous! But I just felt it was what I was meant to do. And I had enough experience from my past jobs, that I knew I'd be successful.

Like Gary Vaynerchuk says in the video below: "You are actually more likely to be successful at building a company  at 45 or 50 years old today than the 18 years olds that are coming out because there is a naivete and a lack of experience.... You have REAL experience!"

Watch this video! It's amazing!!! And when you are done, if you are over 50 like me, you will feel like anything is possible...


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