Your Mind's Eye

motivational Mar 23, 2015

What is your mind’s eye telling you? Did you know that it can work against you?mind-eye

I came upon the Ted talk below and found it very interesting especially because the presenter, Emily Balcetis, used health and fitness as an example of where it can work against you. As a coach, I am always trying to find ways to motivate my customers so I am intrigued that a little alteration to how their mind is seeing things might be just the answer!

Emily talks about research that proves people who are more out-of-shape see exercise as more difficult while people who are in shape see it as easier. That makes sense! And she also says that the people who see exercise as more difficult also see the finish line as farther than people who are in shape. Again, that seems quite logical! But what’s really interesting is that when the out-of-shape people are asked to focus and keep their “eyes on the prize,” their mindset changes and they see the finish line closer.

So is the answer to helping people see exercise as easier as simple as having them imagine a spotlight on the goal they are headed towards? Emily's research supports this fact and says it is key to providing the motivation you need.

It’s great to know we can teach ourselves to see things differently in a way that can have a profound impact on our life. And that all it takes is just forcing our mind’s eye to stay focused on the prize!


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