Make the Rest Your Best!

A program that is teaching Midlifers 
How To Recover Their Forgotten Selves and Redefine Their Futures using

The M.O.J.O.O. MethodTM

Join now and go from a Passionless, Unmotivated Empty Nester to a
Fulfilled, Energized Mojo-Making Master 
in less than 6 weeks!

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"Taking this course is life changing."

"Laurie's a lifesaver and she is a Guru in her own right. I am learning so much about myself. This program is helping me figure things out. 

I’ve realized I can dream big and have those dreams come true at the age of 58."

-- Gay Nyberg
age 58, Young Living Distributor, Mom of 5, and Grandma of 5

"It’s like I was set free. I know that sounds corny, but it’s true."

"Although it was healthy for me, going back and putting some real thought into my childhood was painful. I thought about and spoke about things that I had blocked out many years ago."

-- Kristi Ward 
age 57, Corporate Executive, Mom of 4, Grandma of 2

Are you really ok with thinking
your best years are behind you 
and that you're too old to make any significant changes? 

How much more of life is going to pass you by before you  decide to...

Make The Rest Your Best?!?!

Your kids have their own lives now so it’s time to START LIVING to your fullest potential!

That's why I created The M.O.J.O.O. MethodTM, the simplest, but most effective process that will teach you the exact steps to follow so you can figure out what you want next in life.

It will guide you in the development of a
heart-centered action plan that will get you excited and passionate about life so you'll never think about your empty nest again.

Teach Me The M.O.J.O.O. Method!

The quickest & most effective
program that will take you
about your future.

  • UNCOVER your suppressed dreams, desires, & passions. 
  • LEARN all you need to know about who you are, where you are, what got you here, and how to get where you want to go.
  • DESIGN your next chapter, one that will bring the massive mojo of your youth back into your life & leave you excited to get up in the morning.
  • FEEL the THRILL that comes when you have a solid, action plan that is heart-centered and in complete alignment with who you are meant to be.

What's Included With The “Make The Rest Your Best” Program?

You'll get access to the 
7 module, step-by-step, online course
that includes training on 
The M.O.J.O.O. MethodTM,
the fastest way to discovering the life you deserve! Plus...

- Literally step-by-step training with assignments & downloadable worksheets. Nothing is left out!

- Interact with Instructor to get feedback & ask questions while going through the training.

- 24/7 INSTANT and Lifetime Access, including all future updates, as long as you are a member.

Check out the course modules below...


In this first, foundational module, we begin by exploring who you are and digging into where you're at right now in your life. You'll complete some assessments to help identify your personality traits, what you’re good at, and what makes you happy.

We'll also explore your values and see if you're in alignment with them.


This module introduces the 4 step process that will take you from no friggin' clue what you want or how to get started TO a heart-centered action plan for your future.

I created this unique process based on my own personal experience of working hard but on the wrong things, which resulted in never making progress or feeling fulfilled. So this process was born out of my own trial & error!


In the third module, you’ll envision the life you want. And maybe this is a huge gray area for you but that’s ok because THAT is why you are here - to figure it out!

There’s lots of soul searching here, and this is a big reason why having a supportive, like-minded community to talk through things really helps.


This module is all about understanding our subconscious brain, how it affects our behaviors and how our conscious thoughts affect our subconscious. 

You will identify the beliefs that are limiting you and learn how to train your brain to think different thoughts so that your belief system will support the vision you created in the last step.


In this module, you’ll set up "projects" with specific milestones that support your unique life vision. You'll use my simple and effective M.O.J.O.O. worksheets to guide you in this process.

This is where you create concrete action plans with dates and the excitement about your future begins to build.


In this module, it’s all about implementation! This is where you begin executing on your plan, using the M.O.J.O.O. worksheets & productivity tools you've learned about in the past modules,

You’ll learn how to be super-focused and vision-oriented and begin applying new habits you’ve learned, all with the guidance and support of the members-only, virtual community.


In this module, you’ll learn how to review your progress and accomplishments at specific intervals during your plan cycle.

This is also where you’ll recognize the massive growth that has come from the work you’ve done using the M.O.J.O.O. Method.

You'll start to feel completely confident that your dreams are inevitable now that you have the right tools!

Or... You Can Join
The "Make the Rest Your Best" Membership

which includes the following extras...

- Access to a private, members-only, virtual community of fellow “MOJOO Masters” who
will be equally committed to the discovery & growth that this program will bring. 

- A monthly live video Q&A with Laurie Wright (aka Not Your Average Grandma,
Midlife Mentor & Motivator)

- A monthly training on a topic that's specific to the needs of the community.

- A monthly "MOJOO Magnificence" email that celebrates members successes and 
highlights the most memorable content of the month.

- A weekly "check-in" email intended to provide motivation & accountability vital to
staying on track with your goals.

How Much Will This Cost?

The better question to ask is....
What will 
NOT DOING it cost? 

You might be thinking the “figure-it-out-myself” route is cheaper. But are you considering how slow, ineffective and LONELY that can be?

Or worse...

...what if you end up doing NOTHING (ugh) & therefore GET NOWHERE!  (yikes!)

Honestly, I am speaking from my own experience. Going it alone will only DELAY you getting to where you WANT TO BE.

You need guidance and accountability to make fast progress & prevent being in the exact same place one year from now.

How about you make your first big mindset shift NOW by thinking of this as the best investment you will ever make ON YOU!

Let's Review What's Included

with the program for members vs. non-members...

 Get started TODAY with 
making the rest your best
 by selecting the option that is right for you...


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"I now have tools to use to grow and achieve anything"

The study on the brain and the worksheets <that were included with each lesson> were really good.

I walked away with greater insight on setting goals & learned a lot of information I didn't know.

--Kelly Holley
age 54, Administrative Assistant, and Mom of 3

"I love this program!"

"Laurie has done her research! I think I can go over everything several times and get different things out of it each time."

-- Tina Reynolds
age 52, Program Technician, and Mom of 2

Why you can NO LONGER AFFORD to spin your wheels in the game of life:

Your Life

You have just ONE chance at this life.
Just one.
You want to leave with no regrets, knowing you lived fearlessly & went ALL IN.

Your Kids

Your day-to-day role as mom was great but it's over.
Face reality!
Your kids need you to focus on YOU & your OWN life. 
You all will be better for it!

Your Dreams

You can jump out of bed excited every morning!
The choice is yours.
The motivation you need is simple - it's a clear vision of you living your best life.

Your Legacy

How do you want to be remembered?
Think about it.
Someone who let life happen to her OR who lived life
to her fullest. 

Enrolling in the "Make the Rest Your Best" program is as EASY as 1, 2, 3...

Your life is YOUR LIFE and it’s the ONLY ONE you have! 

You are the only one responsible for how good or bad this life will be. I can’t create it for you. YOU must do the work necessary to make it the best life you can't even imagine right now.

💙Only you know what makes you heart happy.
💙Only you know what things light you up.
💙Only you know what your future best life looks like.


And if you don’t, then this program is perfect for helping you figure that out!

If you’re like me, you realize time is a tickin’ and you only have so much time left to get your act together.

I decided I didn't want to waste any more time thinking about my “woe is me” life and wishing my kids were still kids. No way José! 

The only solution was to take my baby-boomer self by the horns, put on my big-girl panties and get to work on changing my life. 

No more settling for a life of hum-drum and aimlessness, dragging my butt out of bed most days!

Time for PASSION, FOCUS, and ACTION so I could make the rest my best!

This is a chance to LEARN from someone who has been there and DONE THIS and has become wildly successful as a result of following The M.O.J.O.O. Method! 

So the only question I have left is: WTH are you waiting for?!?! 

Don't Wait Any Longer To "Make the Rest Your Best!"

Who is Laurie Wright?

I am a surviving empty nester who found incredible fulfillment after my 2 daughters, who I adore, left the nest.

But it wasn't without those pivotal moments when one realizes the fear of not changing is far greater than the fear of staying where you are.

My first major pivot came at age 47 when I made the decision to leave my marriage of 25 years. 

The second came at age 55 when a health transformation led me to start my own coaching business, which, as I like to put it, “lit my soul on fire!” 

My mission grew as I felt called to inspire "midlifers" to stop settling for what they don't want and start figuring out what they DO WANT. And THAT led me to create this online program. 

So if you are struggling with your empty nest, I know exactly how you feel!

And because I wish I had an instruction manual or a guide to help me navigate more quickly to my place of passion, I decided to create a program for the old me, a program to help you SURVIVE & SOAR above your empty nest!!!

This online course IS your instruction manual and I am your guide. 

It's time to stop playing scared and start living YOUR BEST LIFE!


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