Not Your Average Lives Podcast | Episode 128

Episode 128: Taking Her Yoga Business From Covid Shut Down to A Multi-6 Figure Online Business with Nathania Stambouli

My latest guest has an amazing inspirational story to share! Nathania Stambouli is a yoga teacher, retreat leader and coach who teaches people how to break through limiting beliefs, slay their stories of "I can't" to step fully into YES I CAN and in this episode, she shares how she transformed her business, which was shut down in the middle of a pandemic, from an in-person yoga studio where she was making $36,000 a year to an online yoga program and retreat business making over 350K in just 9 months!  

Nathania believes we have the capacity to create a reality we love when we dare to walk into the fire and do the work. She is a champion for those who aren’t sure they have what it takes to change their life, to teach you that YES YOU CAN and to show you the way. The ONLY thing standing in your way is you (and your excuses)!

She had two major transformations in her life, both of which needed a lot of courage and trust in herself and the universe. First was when she left her corporate career in 2015 to become a full time yoga teacher, creating a retreat company and working at and eventually owning a yoga studio. Then, 5 years later, pivoting to create Yogi Flight School giving her the freedom that she never had with her corporate career OR with her yoga studio.

Her story of being trapped in a family business that made her unhappy and unhealthy, both physically and mentally, is sure to inspire you to take stock of your life and take action if you are in a similar position. She is a different person today because she finally leaned in to what her heart wanted and took a chance on drastic change. She is proof that creating a life you love is possible for everyone and the only thing standing in your way is you and your limiting stories!

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