Episode 394: A 30th College Reunion Question That Changed Her Life, with Delia Lloyd

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2024

Today's guest is Delia Lloyd, a multifaceted professional with a rich and diverse background spanning higher education, media, policy, and the nonprofit sector. My desire to have a conversation with Delia sprouted from an article she wrote about a conversation she had with a group of college friends at her 30th reunion that started with an impromptu question posed by a classmate about long term goals.

What she found unusual wasn’t the goal itself that each person shared - you’d expect different goals from a group of people who had pursued different paths in life - but the epiphany she had later, upon further reflection, about the way in which each person responded to the question. 

As I was reading her words, I realized I had a kindred spirit in Delia. Her goal setting style, common with go-getters and Type A personalities, wasn’t setting her up for success. And her reunion provided her with a shake-up. It created an opportunity for deep reflection that led to massive changes. Coincidentally, my 30th high school reunion did the same for me.

I love it when a conversation steers someone to a new way of thinking and potentially an internal shift that comes, not instantaneously but after thoughtful contemplation. And that is what happened to Delia as a result of this conversation with old classmates. Then she took this new perspective to her computer screen and shared it openly with the world giving others, like me, helpful insights into the challenges some of us may have with goal setting.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her goal-setting style and realization that HOW we set goals is as important as WHAT goals are set.
  • The concept of “Maker” vs “Manager” and how the roles we play in life impact the way we do everything, including how we set goals.
  • Her diverse career journey, with insights into the pivotal moments that led her to shift into something new while continuing to hone her writing skills which has been a lifelong passion.
  • How following a passion and staying committed to it will lead you to a career that truly sparks you.

Listen in to gain valuable insights into Delia's experiences, discovering actionable tips to ignite your own passions and a life that aligns with your authentic self. Join me and Delia as we explore the intricacies of goal-setting, staying true to your passions, and the delicate dance between the roles of a Maker and Manager in the pursuit of a sparked second half.

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