Episode 396: Travel Must-Haves: The Things You Didn’t Know You Need For Your Next Trip

Uncategorized Mar 13, 2024

I’ve been shopping on Amazon in preparation for my upcoming trip to Thailand so I thought it would be helpful to share with several of the gadgets and goodies I've recently snagged. These items are sure to make your travel experience, not just more convenient, but downright enjoyable.

I've curated a list of 12 game-changing products that run the gamut, from helpful gadgets and useful gear to comfy clothing. Ever heard of an Apple AirTag that will reduce your travel worries? Or a hanging dresser that you put your clothes into and then pack in your suitcase so you don’t have to spend unnecessary time unpacking and organizing when you arrive at your destination?

Throughout the episode, I'll be emphasizing just how versatile and utterly essential these items are in tackling common travel challenges, AND I’m giving you the product links and prices which you can find below for easy reference.

While podcast episodes don’t typically require you to consume them visually, this is one you might want to watch on my YouTube channel so you can see what these products look like.

If you're ready to level up your travel game and make your next adventure more fun, join me in this episode of 'Living Your Sparked Second Half.' Your convenient, worry-free journey awaits!

Here are the products I shared:

  1. Sockwell Women's Heart Throb Compression SocksThese worked fantastically!
  2. SublimeWare International Power AdapterNOTE: This didn’t work well in our bungalow plugs due to the weight of the adapter. It wouldn’t stay plugged in.)
  3. Conair TravelSmart Dual Voltage Hair Dryer
  4. ODODOS Tummy Control Yoga Athletic ShortsI loved these so much that I just ordered another pair in a different design. The tummy control is perfect. Not too tight but keeps the belly from sticking out!
  5. ODODOS Women's Black Palazzo Lounge PantsThese were terrific!
  6. OLLY Extra Strength Sleep Gummies (60 count)
  7. Inflatable Travel Neck PillowThis worked GREAT!
  8. Biaggi Hangmates ZipCube Hanging ShelvesThis was fantastic! So easy to pack and it saved me the hassle of unpacking. I just hung it up in my closet!
  9. OlarHike Travel Toiletry Hanging BagThis worked GREAT! Love it!
  10. BevLedge Airplane Window Organization Station NOTE: This worked but as soon as I set it up, the flight attendant made me take it down so I couldn’t use it.
  11. Apple AirTagThis worked GREAT! It was so nice to see that my bag had made it to my connection.
  12. Biaggi Carry Cube BackpackThis worked GREAT! Love it!

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