Episode 99: How To Improve Your Relationships: 3 Questions To Ponder

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2021

In this episode, I share 3 questions that are worth pondering when it comes to your close relationships. They have really helped me in my life so I thought they were worth sharing.

If you want to improve your relationships, listen to this episode, learn about these questions and start being aware of how your actions or non-actions are contributing to the strain you may be facing in a particular relationship you have.

Question 1: What compliments are you NOT saying but are thinking? Start verbalizing these little things. They are gifts!

Question 2: What are you expecting in return when you do something for someone? Are there strings attached? What about letting go of those expectations?

Question 3: What message are you sending non-verbally that they could be interpreting negatively? What would you look like if you had a mirror on you?

I'd love to hear what happens to your relationships once you start applying the simple tactics behind these questions so check back in and let me know!

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