Do You Believe in Second Chances?

family Jul 05, 2017

Do you believe in second chances? 

Do you believe in the kind where you take a chance on something that you failed at before?

Do you believe in the kind where you give someone else a second chance at being the person you knew they were capable of but failed you before? 

I do. I believe in both kinds. 

I want to believe that we all learn from our mistakes, that we get wiser and better with each failure. 

And that possibly, just possibly, we become more determined to succeed the next time we have that chance.

10 years ago, I made a second chance decision. It was super scary. I had voices in my head telling me it was too big of a risk, that it would only lead to heartache again.

But I had to choose to try. I have only one life to live and I didn't want my life to end with any what if's.

And then there was that gut thing... I had this feeling deep in my gut that it was meant to be. That my path was meant to lead back to him and his to mine.

And when the timing was right, it...

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Find People Who Bring Out Your Authentic Self

family motivation Mar 22, 2017

One thing I love about my husband is that he brings out my most authentic self. I'm not sure why but I remember feeling that from the first moment I met him when I was 18 years old. 

We connected in a way that was so REAL and RAW... He knew me to my depths and it felt so freeing.

When I started dating him again almost 30 years later, that feeling returned and man was it ever AWESOME!!!

Find people who bring out your authentic self. The world will be better for it and so will you!!!

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Her First Stocking at 78 Years Old!

aging family motivation Jan 27, 2017

We had a special guest last night and Santa made sure she had a stocking filled with goodies. It was nothing special! Make up remover wipes, Altoids, nail files, slipper socks, a dish cleaning brush, and some other trivial things. 

We took turns emptying the goodies, one at a time, and with each item she squealed with glee like it was exactly what she was wanting. When we were done, she looked at me and said: "This is my first stocking I've ever had." 

It broke my heart a bit when she said that. You see, my mother-in-law is the sweetest woman ever and dotes on her sons, grandchildren and now 6 great grandchildren every holiday. She is the biggest giver I've ever known. 

I am so thankful she finally got her first stocking. And I guarantee there will never be another Christmas without one. 

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It's the Simple Stuff that's Most Important!

family Jan 27, 2017

What did I do today you may wonder? It was important stuff!!!

First I got the tangles out of 2 My Little Ponies, then I braided one's mane & tail. (Had to brush up a bit on my braiding skills!)

Then I built a Lego tower almost as tall as my oldest grandson!!! And it stood all on its own - after a few tries!!!

And I just got my youngest grandson to stop crying in the car! (Nannie's special touch!)

I'd say it's been a productive day!!!

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Do you name your cars?

family Jan 27, 2017

My husband doesn’t understand why I refuse to let go of this car. We don’t need it. And it just cost me about 2K in repairs & new tires so it would pass inspection!

Part of it may be the influence of my father who named all of our cars when I was growing up. Every car was like a member of the family. I remember “Reggie,” “Mariah,” and “Tubby” to name a few. 

I even remember my sister crying & draped over the hood of one of our cars in the parking lot of the dealership as we were trading it in because she couldn’t bear the thought of saying goodbye!

Normally I’m ok with getting rid of cars but not this one. And it doesn’t even have a name!

But it has great meaning. It stands for life. A life almost lost. My oldest daughter’s life.

It wasn’t a car accident as you may think. It was a medical fluke – something that you never expect would happen to a perfectly healthy 20 year old.


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Butt Flops!

family laughter Jul 23, 2016

Butt flops!!! It's important to teach your grandchildren the important things in life! 

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Celebrating Love!

family motivational Jul 03, 2016

Today I'm celebrating LOVE!!! A true, deep, and abiding love… A love that has endured… Today is my 7th wedding anniversary. And it marks the day I took a big risk. 7 years ago I chose to go with my heart and take a HUGE leap of faith at this thing called love. It wasn’t my first rodeo…

To say the last 7 years have been easy would be a lie… I mean, seriously, I married a 52 year old bachelor!!!! What was I thinking?!!! He did not instantly turn into this perfect husband who made life easy.

I had previously been married for 25 years so I was someone who was comfortable in the sharing department.

Husband V2 had never heard of the word compromise. He had never uttered the words “Can I get you something while I’m at the grocery store?” He was used to drinking his milk straight from the carton. (Yes! I married a man who had been essentially living in a cave!!!)

But, we had a deep and serious LOVE that helped us get through those rough...

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Focus on Today & Quality Time Together

aging family health Jun 26, 2016

I spent some time with my mom today. I took her to the dermatologist and then out to lunch. I wish things were different. I wish I still had the mom I remember from before my dad died. Sometimes there are little moments where she appears, but they are too few and far between. After I got home, I decided to post this video message (click on the link below to see it) as a reminder to relish the time you have now.

Focus on quality time with your parents while you still have them around... Things can change overnight. They did for me 9 years ago...

Sorry I got a bit emotional but it's an emotional subject for me.

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Celebrating Dads

family Jun 19, 2016

Today is a day for celebrating dads and I have 5 to celebrate... First, and foremost, my dad, Norman Donald Colvin, also known as "The Donald." I can't tag him because he's in heaven, but I'm confident he'll be aware of my message.

My dad taught me many things... to shoot a gun, to play a mean game of badminton, to fly an airplane, and best of all, to laugh a lot. He'll been gone 9 years this week. He died suddenly & it was a shock, but I choose to remember the 72 years he lived gloriously.

Happy Father's Day daddy! I'm so glad when God was choosing a dad for me, I got you!!! You made life fun!

Second, I wish a Happy Father's Day to my ex-husband, Mike Hill. Although we are no longer married, we remain friends, and I am so thankful he was the father of my children. He was always there for them and made them a priority. They turned out well and a big part of that, is due to his influence and example.

Third, I wish a Happy Father's Day to my husband, Mike Wright, who never had...

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Best Job Ever!

family May 08, 2016

These two girls helped form the person I am. I am so thankful that I was picked as their mom. I can't imagine my life without them. They are my biggest accomplishments!!! For me, today should not be a celebration of me for being a mom but a celebration of what being a mom has meant to me...

EVERYTHING!!! #‎motherhood #‎bestjobever

Me Nikki + Kori at my wedding

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