Check Out My New Office Space!

business home Nov 23, 2019

I love it when an idea comes to fruition! 

About a week ago I mentioned to my husband that I don't like the office space that is set up for me in our basement. And now that I'm home full time, having a good place to work is so important.

Instead of going to "my office" in the basement every morning, I've been working in our family room, on the couch, which is not ideal because I tend to go nonstop...

I just keep going & going from 7 or 8am until 8 or 9p at night because I LOVE WHAT I DO SO MUCH... #alittleobsessed

My husband was all on board with this because he is starting to get jealous of the Mac on my lap that's getting more attention than him! 

So I started thinking about other spaces in our house where I could set up an office and I had this idea that we could add a desk in our spare bedroom which he uses as an office! 

Since he really only uses it to store his files and pick up papers on the printer, I thought it could work... And he agreed!

Since he loves...

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