A Picture That Predicted My Future Puppy

Just had to share this crazy story...

I’ve had this picture for years... It was a gift from my father who bought it for my ex husband and I after our last Bernese Mountain dog died. At the time, we were so heartbroken that we decided to get a smaller dog that would live longer... No more BMDs. 

So this picture was special. It gave us amazing memories of our Berners. We had 3 of those amazing dogs before we switched to a Chihuahua.

Not too long after we got that picture, my husband and I split up and I ended up with both the dog and the picture.

Fast forward to several years later...

The picture hangs in the guest room so we rarely look at it. This past weekend, my youngest grandson who is 22 months old was visiting with his parents. As he was playing in the bed with his mommy, he looked at the picture, pointed and said “Moji!”

My daughter looked up and was dumbfounded, as I was when she told me what happened...

The dog in the foreground of the picture, standing right...

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Weird Random Fact About Me

Every single one of my dogs has had a name ending with an "eee" sound... like my name: Laurie. #weirdrandomfact

I've had Skeezi, Willie, Gerdy, Snoopy, Burkie, Ziggy, Josie, Chewy, Dobby, and now Moji.

People think that Moji stands for "emoji" but nope... Moji stands for "mojo" but since mojo doesn't end with an "eee" sound, I had to improvise and invent a name!

A unique name for a unique, sweet boy who has brought such joy into my life. My Moji!

And now you know one more weird random fact about me!

Time for you to share one of yours with me!!!

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Stuck At Home? Hoping It's With Your Best Ones!

It is my hope that you are quarantined with your favorite people and pets! Those that make you laugh, that make you feel good... the ones you'd choose to be with in this type of situation.

The saying: "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" has never had such meaning!!!

Our sweet, old dog died in January, and my husband wasn't really ready to jump back in the ring when I was, but he, as a good husband does, rolled with my wishes and on 2/17/20, we became parents again...

Thank GOD! I can't imagine this whole situation without our amazing Moji. He definitely has brought more mojo into our lives, which is actually the word from which we derived his name.

He makes me laugh multiple times a day.
He distracts me from the distressing news.
He forces me to go outside and be with nature more.
He keeps me busy cleaning up after him & teaching him manners.
He makes my heart melt when I see him love on my husband.

This stay-at-home order would be so much worse if it were...

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You Are Never Too Old For A New Puppy!

I want to share WHY I decided to get a puppy at 61 years of age...

Some may think that is too old to take on a puppy. Some may have thoughts that a new puppy could outlive them. Some may think that having a puppy is hard work. Some may think having a puppy is too restrictive.

Well, I tend to look for the pros and not the cons in every situation. Maybe It's the optimist in me... Or maybe it's my ability to always believe in the positive potential in my choices.

You've probably heard that what you focus on expands... Well, that mindset has served me very well in life!

After my 15 1/2 year old Chihuahua passed in January, I began thinking about getting another dog. And to be honest, I had to talk my husband into it. He was not ready to jump right back into parenthood.

But I KNEW a puppy would bring lots of extra love and laughter to our home. And who doesn't want more of THAT?

Of course work comes along with it, but the amount of laughter my husband and I have shared in this very difficult...

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A Tribute to my Best Furry Friend, Dobby

family love my pets Jan 15, 2020

This will be one of my toughest posts to date, but it's one that is necessary. It's intention is not to make you sad but to share with you the light that this amazing creature brought into my life.

And when the grief gets better, I will smile every time I reat this post....

The Story of Dobby

Dobby, named after the elf in Harry Potter (in case you didn't get that!), was born on 6/1/04, and he came into our lives in September of that year quite by accident.

You see, I was always a lover of big dogs... when I was a kid, I dreamed of having Lassie. But when I grew up, I didn't end up with a Collie. I found a breed even better - big like Lassie, with long hair like Lassie and super smart like Lassie - a Bernese Mountain Dog.

I got my first BMD when I was 22 years old. He was my first child. Over the next 23 years, we raised 3 BMDs from pups. But after our 3rd died from a devastating disease, I was shaken and I made the decision that the next time, I wanted a small dog because I...

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Bernese Mountain Dogs - Best Dog Ever!

laughter love my pets Jul 09, 2016

I had a GREAT day yesterday because I got to spend it playing with a Bernese Mountain Dog!!! Meet Bella, the therapy dog who came to visit my mom's assisted living facility. I made a point to be there for this activity! I thought my mom, who loves dogs too, would love it but I think I loved it more.

I used to have Berners several years ago. I had 3 of them from 1982 - 2003. My first lived to 12 years old, my second to 10 and my third died of a horrible intestinal disease at 3 1/2.

When I lost my last one, it about killed me. So I decided to switch to a small dog so I'd have a longer time with him. My long-haired chihuahua is now 12 years old... And shows no signs of slowing down.

So... while my reasoning of moving to a smaller dog has paid off, I miss my Berners so much. They are the BEST dogs EVER!!! And I hope one day I can own another one. If you're looking for the perfect pet, check them out. They are loving, kind, smart, happy, beautiful and love children. The only negative is...

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Every Family Needs an "Annie"

family love my pets Apr 02, 2014

I’m sure you’ve heard the story about the boy who was raised with wolves. Well, I was raised with pugs. Yes. My father was a pug lover and never lived a day of his adult life without one. Pugsy was the first, although I was too young to remember him. Sam was next – as in Samatha – and what I remember about her was that she was old and cranky, my least favorite of all of our family dogs. But the best thing about Sam is that she was impregnated by a collie mix who jumped over a fence into our backyard with the result being, Skeezie (named for the comic strip character Skeezix), the first dog officially acknowledged as mine. But the purpose of this article isn’t to give you a detailed history of my family pets (although I’ve listed them all at the end of this post as a sort of memoriam). This article is about why having a dog has filled up my life and made me a better person.

I’ve always had a dog and always will. They bring me happiness that...

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