Episode 103: Welcome To My New Abundance Series!

Welcome to Episode #1 of my new Abundance Series!!! If you're here and committed to listening every week, I'm excited to be on this abundaventure with you!!!

As I've been delving into this whole abundance thing, I've realized it's so much more than what I originally thought... which is why I felt so inspired to learn more and share it with you.

It's not just spending 2 to 3 minutes writing 3 things I'm grateful for in my "Good Days Start With Gratitude" journal. It's living in a grateful state for as many of my waking hours as possible. It's being aware of all of the good around me.

I've always felt like I'm a very positive and optimistic person, but abundance goes so much deeper than that. Those are personality traits which I think to a large degree are a part of my gene pool.

But abundance is a state of being that we all have the choice to live from, no matter what our personality traits.

And to be perfectly honest, I think my state was often one of lack, wanting what I didn't have, and judgement, looking at what others did or didn't have, which the story I tell in this episode shows a very good example of!

And neither of those states are abundant ones!

So this series is for me as much as for you...

It's my commitment to living from this state of being as much as possible, to be aware of my state so I can catch myself when I drift back to my old and very ego-driven ways of being, and to share my lessons and experiences as I go forward on this abundaventure.

I thank you for reading this and for listening to my first episode!

I'd be so very grateful if you could leave a 5-star rating and a review (or comment) below and tell me what you think and/or ask me a question relevant to this topic (which could become a future topic for an episode).

If you'd like to connect or reach out to ME, you can find me at:

If you'd like to connect or reach out to ME, you can find me at:
Website: www.notyouraveragegrandma.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LaurieColvinWright
Instagram: www.instagram.com/not_your_average_grandma
Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/NotYourAverageGrandma


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