Episode 210: Activating Abundance (#52) By Being In Integrity After A Mistake Is Made

Today's topic was inspired by two things... First, by my conversation with Debbie Colbourn, who I interviewed on my last episode (EP 209). And second, by a topic that was discussed at my business retreat this past week.

It never ceases to amaze me how the universe delivers a message to me that is perfectly aligned with a subject I was going to talk about and how the context in which it's provided always seems to add value to that message.

I love this energetic back and forth with a power that is much greater than me - a power I used to be so oblivious of but now pay extra attention to. Even though I now have an awareness of it, I am still amazed when I see the ways in which it helps me be a better vessel. And as more messages come, I gain more faith and confidence in its guidance.

I know that the honest conversation I had with Debbie and the topic of integrity at my retreat happened the same week for a reason. More aha moments for me! More teaching moments for my podcast...

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Episode 208: Activating Abundance [#51] By Looking Past Your Circumstances

Today's topic was inspired by my most recent interview with Liberty Baldovino, someone who is a great example of not letting the circumstances of your past define your future.

To listen to Liberty's entire story, check out Episode #50. Her story inspired me to talk more generally about the various buckets of "circumstances" and suggestions for how to activate abundance in those circumstances instead of letting them control you and the actions you take.

Buckets like how much money you have, where you live, who you live near and hang out with, and what kind of job skills/education you have.

If you're feeling stuck in the circumstances of your life, things that you were born into or were beyond your doing perhaps from something someone else did to you or your family, know that your future is totally unscripted and you are the author of that story.

I also share examples of famous people who were able to look past their circumstances and become incredibly successful. Let their...

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Episode 206: Activating Abundance By Turning Worry into Possibility [#50]

Today's topic was inspired by my last episode with Lorna Green AND by a woman I met at a neighborhood party last weekend who was fraught with worry.

What if, to get rid of the worry that may be overwhelming us, we could shift our mindset to that of possibilities? And I'm not talking about the negative ones because THAT is probably what you're so worried about! How about thinking up a few positive options?

What if that job you're worried about getting laid off from because you think you won't be able to pay your bills, brought a new and better paying job?

What if that airplane you're worried about getting on because you think it might crash, brought you a new friend or even life partner who happened to be in the seat next to you?

What if that disease you're worried about getting because you might die, didn't kill you but taught you the greatest lessons of your life, brought you closer to your family, and took you down a new path in life?

In this episode, I talk about different ways...

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Episode 204: Activating Abundance With Achievement [#49]

Today I chose the topic of achievement because I think it's a word that is underused yet it makes us feel so good so I thought it was worth talking about...

When you think of that word, what comes to mind? Probably something really big you did that made your parents proud, right? Or something you worked really long and hard for, maybe a certificate or diploma for program you completed or a college degree?

The definition is quite simple: a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill.

And, as you can see, there is nothing in that definition that says it has to be big or make other people proud or impressed, right?

In this episode, I share something that I accomplished last week that is not worthy of a trophy or certificate, and it's likely that many would deem it not important enough to be labeled as an accomplishment, but I beg to differ.

What I did WAS a huge achievement to me and it made me feel damn good, even if no one else ever found out I did it.


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Episode 202: Activating Abundance By Knowing What You Love [#48]

As I did with last week's episode, I turned a coaching moment with one of my students inside the Second Half S.P.A.R.K. School™ into an episode of inspiration.

In this case, it's someone who feels stuck in the personality she's chosen that is NOT the personality she was given, meaning she's not living who she was meant to be. She discovered this during a personality typing session which is one of the key tools of transformation in my program.

Living in opposition to our inborn personality can happen when we go through life trying to please others, operating in a way that we mistakenly believe will bring us more acceptance and love. 

The problem that arises with not living according to your inborn personality, is that you don't really know who you are which also means you don't really know what you love. And that is a common problem for why we get stuck and feel unsatisfied and unfilled.

And in this student's case, she is having trouble figuring out what she loves because...

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Episode 200: [Activating Abundance #47] With Change

As I watch my students inside the Second Half S.P.A.R.K. School™ making huge changes, which I find so inspiring, I thought that change would make an excellent topic today.

I found two recent examples of change in my life. One is very recent and something I took on this past week. Another is one I am contemplating but haven't made yet.

The first example exemplifies my first point: Change is hard! (at first!) I share how I experienced that firsthand and talk about what happened when I stuck it out, even though it was not easy. And how the hard was so worth it!

The second example highlights my second point: We tend to view change through the lens of our past experiences and what we *think* will happen and fail to see the change as something that could be way better than we can even conjure up - because it's hard to imagine what we haven't yet experienced! Makes total sense, right?!

If you enjoy episodes, like this, where I share topics and examples about...

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Episode 198: [Activating Abundance #46] With Negative Emotions

This episode was inspired by my new students who are going through some powerful work that requires them to dig deep because this work typically brings up lots of emotion. While it's hard to see abundance in the experience of the emotion, I know that only good comes from this emotion.

I've learned, not only through my experience as someone who has done her own deep work, but as a coach who guides people through this work, that the emotions are a part of the process. And what I have found is that the breakthroughs are usually right on the other side of tears. Tears open channels and bring answers. 

I also share an incredible insight I gained about my own resistance to negative emotions because I found this affecting my work as a coach - until I got to the root of it. That was a powerful moment of clarity that I got from the universe and helped me see how important (and abundant!) negative emotions are.

So embrace the tears!!! Let them flow and the answers will follow!


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Episode 196: [Activating Abundance #45] With Birthdays

Since I'm about to turn one more year older, I thought an episode about how I've learned to "handle" my birthdays as I've grown older and wiser would be useful...

I share a couple of tips that have given me a whole new perspective about turning another year older. Adding a year to my life is no longer something that I frown upon or even dread.

I also share why my birthday is always so special and why I feel February 14th is the best day to be born!

Enjoy this episode and I hope you get value from it. If you do I'd be so grateful if you could leave a 5-star rating or a review. I also love comments too!  #activatingabundance #notyouraveragelivespodcast

If you'd like to connect or reach out to ME, you can find me at:

Website: www.notyouraveragegrandma.com       
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LaurieColvinWright       
Instagram: www.instagram.com/not_your_average_grandma       
Youtube: ...

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Episode 194: [Activating Abundance #44] With 7 Reasons I’m Grateful I’m Not 27 Years Old

This was a fun and light-hearted episode to do. It came about because I truly was feeling so grateful about my life right now, especially that I’m not raising little ones. I see my adult daughters trying to navigate jobs, kids, childcare, school, and the pandemic and it’s just not a pleasant experience.

It’s kind of crazy because for so much of my life being a mom was my favorite job in the world, and I was so sad when my girls went off on their own. Isn’t it funny how things can change so much because it’s not a job I’d ever want again. Been there, done that!

So that thought led me to think about what other things I’m grateful for that I have now that I didn’t have when my kids were around the same age as my grandkids, or things I had that I don’t have now! In other words, reasons why I’m grateful to be living in this very moment, at this age, and in this stage of my life.

Of course you’ll have to listen to the...

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Episode 188: [Activating Abundance #43] With Belief

How great would it be if you could go through life knowing that everything you desire can be yours? What if you had unwavering faith? Even if someone looked around at your current circumstances and told you your dreams were not possible, it didn't matter - you still believed!

The topic of BELIEF is on my mind today because I just finished my free, 3-part training series called "Ignite Your Second Half Soul" where I shared the 3 ingredients you need to make your second half your best half and belief is the second ingredient.

To hear about the first ingredient, Authenticity, tune into Episode 182 and if this topic interests you, you may want to also listen to Episode 183 where I interview Nancy Dubé, one of my students from the Second Half S.P.A.R.K. School™. She shares her incredible story about what can happen when you are operating in self denial, suppressing who you really are and not even realizing it.

I’ll leave you in suspense about the...

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