Episode 107: The Thrill of Thrift

In this episode, I share my first lesson in a book I ordered last month when I was looking to delve deeper into living from a more abundant state of mind. But before I talked about the lesson which brought back a wonderful memory, I explained a bit about the author and her back story.

By the end of this episode, you'll have learned:

  • The struggles that led the author to write this book.
  • Some amazing quotes from the author that you'll want to write down.
  • How the adventure of thrifting is far from a lack mindset.
  • About my amazing Aspen thrifting experience!

Do you visit thrift or consignment stores? If so, how does thrifting make you feel? If not, are you ready to plan your first adventure? Reach out to me on social media and let me know if this episode has inspired you to take action...

Here's my Amazon link to "Simple Abundance: 365 Days to a Balanced and Joyful Life" by Sarah Breathnach: https://amzn.to/3tmJr3P

If you'd like to connect or reach out to ME, you can find me at:


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Episode 105: The 5 Abundance Personas

In today's episode, the second of my new Activating Abundance series, I talk about the new quiz that we just released and the 5 Abundance Personas I've created that describe the various levels of abundance each person is operating from.

When you take this quiz, it's important that you answer each question honestly, with the way you are, and not choose the answer that's the way you'd like to be.

The personas are:

  • Lacking Linda
  • Situation Sally
  • Judging Jane
  • Dutiful Debbie
  • Plentiful Polly

You can find the quiz at: www.notyouraveragegrandma.com/abundance-persona-quiz

If you have a great story of abundance or inspiring midlife transformation that you think would be something my over 50 audience would like to hear, send me the details here: www.notyouraveragegrandma.com/podcast-contact

If you'd like to connect or reach out to ME, you can find me at:
Website: www.notyouraveragegrandma.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LaurieColvinWright
Instagram: www.instagram.com/not_your_average_grandma

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Episode 103: Welcome To My New Abundance Series!

Welcome to Episode #1 of my new Abundance Series!!! If you're here and committed to listening every week, I'm excited to be on this abundaventure with you!!!

As I've been delving into this whole abundance thing, I've realized it's so much more than what I originally thought... which is why I felt so inspired to learn more and share it with you.

It's not just spending 2 to 3 minutes writing 3 things I'm grateful for in my "Good Days Start With Gratitude" journal. It's living in a grateful state for as many of my waking hours as possible. It's being aware of all of the good around me.

I've always felt like I'm a very positive and optimistic person, but abundance goes so much deeper than that. Those are personality traits which I think to a large degree are a part of my gene pool.

But abundance is a state of being that we all have the choice to live from, no matter what our personality traits.

And to be perfectly honest, I think my state was often one of lack, wanting what I didn't...

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