Episode 105: The 5 Abundance Personas

In today's episode, the second of my new Activating Abundance series, I talk about the new quiz that we just released and the 5 Abundance Personas I've created that describe the various levels of abundance each person is operating from.

When you take this quiz, it's important that you answer each question honestly, with the way you are, and not choose the answer that's the way you'd like to be.

The personas are:

  • Lacking Linda
  • Situation Sally
  • Judging Jane
  • Dutiful Debbie
  • Plentiful Polly

You can find the quiz at: www.notyouraveragegrandma.com/abundancequiz

If you have a great story of abundance or inspiring midlife transformation that you think would be something my over 50 audience would like to hear, send me the details here: www.notyouraveragegrandma.com/podcast-contact

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