Episode 111: Do You Know How Great You Really Are?

In this episode, I pulled from a series of excerpts in a book I'm reading called "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

The excerpts are from her March readings really stuck with me when I read them (the book has 365 messages of abundance for each day of the year) because of the quotes she used to introduce the various topics that center around the authenticity, acceptance, and self care - the bottom line being: to celebrate the beauty that is within and love on it every day. 

I captured the quotes below for those who like reading better than listening. :)

  1. "Until you make peace with who you are, you'll never be content with what you have." -- Doris Mortman
  2. "We are not born all at once, but by bits. The body first, and the spirit later. Our mothers are racked with the pains of our physical birth; we ourselves suffer the longer pains of our spiritual growth." -- Mary Antin
  3. "So many women just don't know how great they really are. They come to us all vogue outside and vague on the inside." --Mary Kay Ash
  4. "Beauty is an internal light, a spiritual radiance that all women have but most women hide, unconsciously, denying its existence. What we do not claim remains invisible." --Marianne Williamson
  5. "Seek not outside yourself, heaven is within." --Mary Lou Cook
  6. "Most of us think of other women as beauties, never ourselves. But every woman was created by Spirit to be a genuine beauty. We learn how to reveal to the world our unique radiance only after we acknowledge it ourselves. Today, take as your personal mantra: "I am what I am and what I am is wonderful" --Sarah Ban Breathnach
  7. "Any little bit of self-nurturance is very frightening for most of us." --Julia Cameron
  8. "If you want to find the answers to the Big Questions about your soul, you'd best begin with the Little Answers about your body." --George Sheehan
  9. "Self-development is a higher duty than self-sacrifice."
    --Sarah Ban Breathnach


Today, spend one hour on self care. Sarah suggests a nice long bath with candles and some good-smelling oils.

Then, when done, reflect and take inventory of 20 things you like about yourself. Write them in your Gratitude Journal. Start with 10 things you like about your physical self and then 10 things you like about your personality.

If you have trouble making a list of 20, it's ok. Start with less but make a goal of doing this every day and soon you'll have your 20 and probably more.

As Sarah says: "Seek only to be gentle and loving to yourself in small ways and watch your self-care increase." (There's a 10th quote!) And so will the realization that you REALLY ARE GREAT!!!

I'd love to see you in the free training I mentioned! Sign up here: "Ignite Your Second Half Soul" If you're reading this after it's over, you can sign up on the waitlist using the same link, and I'll notify you when the next one kicks off later in 2021.

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