EP32: An Amazing Story of a Coma Patient, His Skeptic Wife, and A Gifted Woman Who Gave Him a Voice with Jocelyn Montanaro and Catherine Weissenberg

spirituality May 31, 2020

Do you believe in the afterlife? Have you ever had a personal encounter from someone you love who has died? If you could communicate with a loved one who has passed, who would that be? And do you even believe that would be possible? 

If you think this is a bit crazy, maybe today's episode will change your mind because my guests have a fantastic story to share, It's actually a tragic story of a life-ending illness that took a beautiful soul too soon, but it's also a story of love & peace, as you will soon find out.

My guests today are Jocelyn Montanaro and Catherine Weissenberg, who co-authored the book, Beyond Ever After .This book is the story of Kevin, Jocelyn's husband, and his end of life journey, and Catherine's & Jocelyn's experiences "connecting" with him over his last few weeks.

Jocelyn is a lawyer with a natural feistiness and strong-will, who was lucky to marry the love of her life: kind & caring Kevin. When Kevin fell ill, they were on their last day of a amazing Hawaiian vacation and she was feeling like she was living her best life when her husband had a seizure in their hotel room and was rushed to the hospital where he received the worst possible diagnosis of a deadly form of brain cancer.

Her relationship with Catherine, begins a bit later, after Kevin's 2nd brain surgery, when he has been in a coma for about a month, 

As Jocelyn is facing many decisions, sleeping by Kevin's side, feeling exhausted and at her wit's end, her sister, who knows of Catherine, and her amazing gift of being able to talk to God, convinces Jocelyn to set up a call with Catherine.

Jocelyn, being a total skeptic and non-believer, went into her first session with Catherine, assuming it would be her last, and thinking it was hocus-pocus, but she learned very quickly that Catherine IS special and was dumbfounded as things came up in this first session that only Kevin could have known.

With her gift, Catherine is able to access the stream of universal consciousness and transforms that energy into prose, which she calls "a reading." 

It is a fascinating story and I promise, if you are open, you will be changed by listening to it.

If you're interested to get a copy of the book here is a link to Amazon: https://amzn.to/36Jto5I

Official website: https://beyondeverafter.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Beyondeverafter.press

More about the authors:

About Catherine A. Weissenberg

For several decades, Catherine Weissenberg has been sharing her unique ability to communicate and dialogue with God, the deceased, and coma patients. To retain a lasting record of these communications, Catherine writes the conversations longhand as they occur, calling them “Writings.” Although intimate to the recipient, the Writings are beautiful in their imagery and metaphor, often involving universal themes of self-growth, interpersonal relationships and life challenges. She is grateful to serve others by facilitating the transmission of spirit, wisdom, and healing energy. Using God Writings from retreat settings, Catherine has created the concept of Loveality® as a love-based approach to living and experiencing reality. She offers

Loveality workshops, books and cards. For more about the transformative energy of the Writings, please visit loveality.net.

About Jocelyn Montanaro

Jocelyn has spent most of her life in California, but was educated on the East Coast and in Europe. She has a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and a law degree. For many years prior to writing Beyond Ever After, Jocelyn was a lawyer, working with divorcing couples, criminal defendants, and in general litigation. She also helped Kevin with his very successful legal mediation practice. Jocelyn is an avid reader, but never imagined being an author. With some surprise and apprehension as the selected messenger, she welcomes the reader into the story of her life just before and after Kevin’s death. Jocelyn recognizes the responsibility she has in sharing with others this story of love beyond ever after. 

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