Episode 295: Learning More About Yourself Through Astrology, with Ruth Nahmias

career mindset spirituality Jan 17, 2023

In this week’s episode of the “Living Your Sparked Second Half” podcast, Laurie interviews Ruth Nahmias, a certified Kabbalah Instructor and Kabbalistic Astrologer.

Ruth began her study of Kabbalah in 1989 with world-renowned kabbalists Rav and Karen Berg. Since that time, she has drawn on the wisdom handed down through this 2,000-year-old spiritual lineage to assist thousands of people in transforming their lives.

A wife and mother of two, Ruth has taught extensively on relationships, parenting, and the spiritual role of women. Her ongoing studies have made her an expert in the field of Kabbalistic Astrology, and she’s a valued advisor, guiding her students on choosing the most successful outcomes when it comes to business partnerships, company launches, strategic planning, and personal relationships.

In this episode, Ruth talks about: 

  • Her background and how she got into astrology
  • Interesting revelations from Laurie’s recent chart reading
  • Why...
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Episode 293: What Did Your Ancestors Pass Down To You Besides DNA? with Dr. Lotte Valentin

health mindset spirituality Jan 10, 2023

In this week’s episode of Living Your Sparked Second Half, Dr. Lotte Valentin comes back on the show to talk about Ancestral Healing. 

Dr. Lotte, who is an N.M.D., author, evidential psychic medium, medical medium, ancestral healer and international keynote speaker, first shared her story, in Episode 262, about her 2 near death experiences that helped her realize her psychic abilities and led her to go to law school at the age of 52. And now she’s back to dive deep into a topic she’s an expert in. 

In this episode, Dr. Lotte talks about:

  • How she started her Ancestral healing practice
  • The differences in healing physical, emotional and spiritual body
  • Scientific studies on how traumas and positive experiences are inherited by generation

Dr. Lotte shares how the actions, reactions and interactions of our ancestors are passed down and repeated in the generations that follow until it is healed. It’s fascinating stuff!

She is also the creator of Healing...

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Episode 276: The Magical Midlife Shift of a Horse Whisperer, with Lindsay de Swart

career mindset spirituality Nov 15, 2022

This week’s guest is Lindsay de Swart, a Shamanic Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Horse Whisperer, who has worked with women for 17 years to help them rekindle their 'inner spark' and gain courage to live their next chapter fully.

Lindsay recently relocated from Canada back to England where she is from. She’s a mom to 3 teenagers, loves outdoor adventures, and loves coaching women and horses, helping them to heal themselves and each other!


Lindsay and I talked about:

  • How her Shamanic coaching practice unfolded so serendipitously.
  • How her horse, Penny, came into her life and taught her what she needed to know to become a Horse Whisperer.
  • How she uses horses to get information about what’s going on with her clients.
  • Our shared love of horses and the tv show (that my husband and I are now watching) that inspired her to become a Horse Whisperer.

Lindsay got into personal development as a way to break generations...

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Episode 270: Hollywood Makeup Artist Turned Etheric Clairvoyant, with Loa Blasucci

career mindset spirituality Oct 25, 2022

This week’s interview is with Loa Blasucci, author, nutritionist, content creator, and energy medicine practitioner. Loa began in the entertainment industry as a Hollywood makeup artist, which was a fabulous learning experience and gave her the knowledge necessary to do what she is doing now. She has an incredibly deep understanding of women, and it’s a gift that she holds sacred.

Loa learned her gifts as an etheric clairvoyant later in life and these gifts have given her the chance to help women as they go through life changes, whether they are dealing with emotional or physical issues. She now facilitates a comprehensive healing process for her clients by helping them release anxiety and balance their energy so they are able to find their inner beauty.

In this episode, Loa and I talked about:

  • her life as a Hollywood makeup artist and what she learned along the way that helped her to uncover her true gifts. 
  • her perspective on what living a not-your-average-life...
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Episode 268: Finding Purpose in a New Country With Faith & Patience, With Sheetal Kurup

career mindset spirituality Oct 18, 2022

This week’s guest is Sheetal Kurup, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Mindset, Human Design and Wealth Consciousness Coach helping people to build a millionaire mindset and create the life of their dreams by overcoming their limiting beliefs and rewiring their subconscious mind. 

Sheetal blends spirituality with science to create deep, inside out transformation within people. She inspires and empowers people to go after their life's purpose and make the impact they desire.

In this episode, Sheetal and I talked about:

  • her story of moving to the U.S. from India as a young, newly married Lawyer.
  • why intuition came so naturally to her and paved her path to a more purpose-filled life.
  • how her first business evolved from doing what she loved for free first! 
  • Human Design and how knowing yours can help you with better decision-making.

From starting a party planning business and quickly reaching 6 figures, after being a stay-at-home mom and out of the workforce for 15 years,...

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Episode 264: Learning About Witches, Faerys, and Magick, with Expert Winifred Costello

career spirituality Oct 04, 2022

This week my guest is Winifred Costello, an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Tarot Reader, and Earth Witch. She is the founder and mentor of The Witching Well Community and proprietress of the online Pagan Shop called AwenTree. She lives with her husband and dog on unceded Pocumtuc Land in Western, MA.

Winifred has studied and is experienced in Goddess Traditions, Faery Seership, Folk Magick, Witchcraft and Tarot. To add to that, she is also a National Guild Certified Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regression Facilitator. She’s also an avid outdoors-person who loves hiking, backpacking and organic gardening. 

In this episode, Winifred and I talked about:

  • A little education about witches, a faerys, and magick (with a “k”).
  • Her two midlife pivots and how they unfolded for her at the perfect times.
  • The practice of Reiki and how it can help you.
  • The history and practice of Tarot cards, why people use them and how they are different than Oracle cards,


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Episode 262: Almost Dying Twice Led to Med School After Menopause With Dr. Lotte Valentin

career mindset spirituality Sep 27, 2022

This week my guest is Dr. Lotte Valentin, “The Intuitive Physician”, who is a Naturopathic Physician (N.M.D.), author, medical intuitive, evidential medium, ancestral healer and an international keynote speaker. Dr. Lotte has authored Med School after Menopause, The Journey of my Soul, which is an inspirational story about transformation, healing and spirituality, which won 1st place in the category of Spiritual Leadership in August 2021 from Living Now Book Awards.

Dr. Lotte is also the creator of Healing Your Ancestral Mother Wound, which she produced in collaboration with Hemi-Sync. To add to her long list of qualifications, she is also trained in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for women. She treats menopause, peri-menopause, endometriosis, PCOS and other menstrual issues. 

In this episode, Dr. Lotte and I talked about:

  • Her two near death experiences which turned her from skeptic to believer.
  • How the discovery of her gifts led her down a new...
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Episode 260: Finding Answers Beyond the Physical Realm With Jacqueline Pirtle

career mindset spirituality Sep 20, 2022

This week’s guest is Jacqueline Pirtle, a bestselling author of inspiring self-help books, podcaster, speaker, knowing-of-the-soul thought leader, mindful happiness expert, and healing practitioner with twenty-four years of experience helping thousands of clients all over the world to discover their own happiness and how to live a conscious and mindful life.

Jacqueline’s special skill as a healing practitioner is her clairvoyant abilities. She works with energy and other holistic modalities to find solutions that go way beyond the physical level, and in so doing, she finds solutions to the trickiest life issues, questions, and situations that are hard to imagine. 

In this episode, Jacqueline and I talked about:

  • What it means to read people’s energy.
  • Finding the beauty in crying and anger.
  • The signs and symptoms that tell you when you’re out of alignment and how to correct that.
  • Her incredible, one-book-a-month publishing goal and the subjects she wrote...
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Episode 197: Using the Yoga Mat to Build Spiritual Resilience with Leslie Pearlman

My guest today is Leslie Pearlman, a yoga teacher, spiritual resiliency mentor, and founder of Good Ground Yoga. She’s a former domestic violence attorney and discovered the connection between personal empowerment and self-healing that catapulted her on her mission today of turning ordinary people into “Spiritual Warriors” through yoga.

Over the last 20+ years, Leslie has taught thousands of students how to stand their ground, heal their chronic pain, and take charge of their life. Leslie is also a wife, mom of 1, stepmom of 3, and step-grandmother of 1.

In this episode, Leslie and I talked about:

  • Why she became a domestic violence attorney but ultimately found it unsatisfying.
  • How yoga was introduced to her and played a key role for most of her life.
  • The retreat that led to her major life pivot and quitting law for good.
  • Her 5 spiritual practices she used to overcome her fears when her dream to start her own yoga studio was still a dream, and they likely...
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Episode 169: Learning Her Human Design Of The Life She Was Meant For with Sarah Atkins

career health spirituality Nov 21, 2021

My guest this week is Sarah Atkins, an ICF accredited energetic alignment coach and Human Design expert who helps her clients discover who they were designed to BE, supporting them to harness their energy correctly & create a life & business in alignment & integrity with who they are.

13 years ago Sarah found herself trapped by the life she had created for herself. Stuck in an unfulfilling cycle of overworking & overgiving, she ignored the signs her body was sending her & she burned out. After discovering her own Human Design which helped her to forgive her younger self, heal trauma, improve family relationships and embrace who she truly is, she is now helping other women do the same.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • What human design is and its five types
  • Work burnout that led out to emergency surgery
  • Her midlife transformation that directed her path into human design

Sarah believes that there are no magic quick fixes in life and anyone can start down this...

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