Episode 327: What Mel Robbins Taught Me About Love

mindset May 12, 2023

Today’s episode is a short one but it’s a good one! It’s just me taking a few minutes to reflect on a recent realization about a negative reaction I had to being told “I love you” by Mel Robbins.

I decided to do an episode on this because I think this is something that others do too so I wanted to talk about it AND to share the one word answer I came upon when I asked myself “Why?” It was judgement

I’ve been judging Mel negatively for saying I love you at the end of her newsletters?! WTF?!!!!

Here’s what I realized once I had the awareness of what I was doing…

I didn’t believe Mel. And I was judging her negatively for saying something that wasn’t true.

I mean, how could she love me? She doesn’t KNOW me.

Then I thought, but I love her! And I’d tell her if I ever ran into her on the street. But the truth is: I don’t really know her, do I?

What Mel is doing is giving me unconditional love. Instead of having to earn her love, it’s an automatic thing. And that’s how God, source, the universe, the whatever-you-believe-in that created us, wants us to show up in the world for each other. With love. With grace. With compassion.

So who am I to tell Mel she doesn’t love me. Only she knows that and, to be frank now that I have this awareness, I know it is the truth. She believes it and I believe her. I know she loves me and I’m going to show up more like her for others now because of her great example.

Thank you Mel! And thank YOU for listening today. I love you!

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