Episode 312: Finally Finding Her Voice After Being Raised in a Cult, with Tiphany Kane

mindset Mar 21, 2023

Today's guest is Tiphany Kane, who I refer to as a Podcasting Dynamo, because she has not just one but THREE podcasts! I asked her to be on the show because she's a great role model of living a sparked second half, as well as a fantastic example of how you can find your way to a more passionate existence in spite of the hardships or lack of support you may have.

Tiphany has certainly made up for lost time, creating her own company, KaSa Media Productions which allows her to bring her passion for the art of the spoken word to people who need help finding their voice.

She's a coach, public speaker, podcast producer, videography director and is the Executive Director of Sonic Bloom Podcast Awards. Tiphany also hosts the Radical Audacity in Love & Life, Diet Riot Sweat Repeat, and Mastering the Podcaster Mindset podcasts. 

"You are just too passionate." were the words she heard from a supervisor explaining why she was not selected for a promotion she was qualified for....

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Episode 310: Why You Might Be Failing At Your Goals

mindset Mar 14, 2023

What if there was one simple thing you could do, and it was a pretty quick exercise, that would almost guarantee you'd stop failing, or giving up, on the goals you've been setting? Something that would stop you from feeling like you are slogging through quicksand?

And what if this exercise would not only turn on your internal motivation switch, it would get you aligned with your authentic self - the real version of you I talked about in last week's episodes?

Is that something you'd be interested in learning more about?

If it is, you'll love today's episode in which I talk about the #1 reason that most people are failing at their goals and how this might be an indication that you have the wrong goals.

I also share how you can remedy this problem before you go to bed tonight. In fact, it's something everyone needs to do ASAP. And guess what, it's something I didn't do until I was 60 years old.   But once I did it, it was a goal game changer!!! 

If you realize this...

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Episode 308: How Personality Tests Can Harm You

mindset Mar 07, 2023

Who doesn't love a great personality test?! I know I love learning more about myself! But here's the thing... Your results might be wrong!!!

Yep! That's right! You could be getting misinformation about yourself!

What I've learned, as I've gained a lot of knowledge in this field over the past 3 years, is that over 70% of the population is getting incorrect results because they are not in alignment with who they were born to be.

Instead the majority of us are navigating around life trying to adapt who we are to meet society's expectations and when we do that, we end up denying our "inborn" nature and fall into misalignment.

So if you are not in true alignment, do you think when you take a personality test, you'll answer questions based on who you were born to be? Heck no! Your results will be based on who you THINK you are - who you've chosen to be, and not who you truly are.

And because these results could lead you down the totally wrong path, I thought this was an important topic...

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Episode 306: Is Unhealed Trauma Hiding Your Gifts? An eye-opening interview with Tanner Wallace

career mindset Feb 28, 2023

Tanner Wallace, an online trauma recovery coach, shares how she leads people to life-changing transformations by uncovering their internal family systems In this week’s episode of Living Your Sparked Second Half.

Tanner specializes in unlocking her clients' hidden-in-plain-sight gifts that are obscured by all the wounding and disappointment. She also hosts a Relational Healing Podcast “HELD by Tanner” and is the creator of the Relational Healing Lab.

In this episode, Tanner talks about:

  • What accelerated her professional move from professor to trauma recovery  coach and the deeply transformational work she now does and why she chose to develop this area of expertise.
  • What Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) means. 
  • The different types of family structures, how the dynamics within them play a part in the development of trauma, and how these dynamics continue into adulthood.
  • The tools she use and how she is using it for her transformative work
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Episode 304: Maintaining Vitality As You Age, with Naturopathy and Sports Medicine Expert Kira Sutherland

career health mindset Feb 21, 2023

In this week’s episode of the “Living Your Sparked Second Half” podcast, Laurie interviews Kira Sutherland, an Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist and Sports Nutritionist who has more than 28 years in clinical practice. 

Her focus on performance nutrition led her to be the first Naturopath in Australia to undertake the International Olympic Committees diploma in sports nutrition. She was also the 2019 winner of the BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Award for Excellence in practice (Nutrition/Dietetics).

In this episode, Kira talks about:

  • How she became a Naturopath, ultimately venturing into sports nutrition and combining the practices
  • The difference between mind and spirit and how they intertwine with our overall health
  • Rcommended supplements for women who are experiencing perimenopause and menopause symptoms
  •  Her views about Intermittent fasting and other types of food-limiting strategies.

Kira divides her time between clinical practice, lecturing at...

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Episode 301: Fully Living From a Place of Passion & Purpose, With Kim Diede and Gail Johnson

abundance mindset Feb 08, 2023

Today I'm chatting with two more of my amazing students, Kim Diede and Gail Johnson, who each share how stepping into their most authentic selves to live from a place of deep purpose has changed their lives. They are both doing incredible things and making an impact in the world by doing what they love. 

Kim, is a mom of 3 and a grandma of 1, who worked in banking at a job that was clearly not what she was brought here to do. You can hear her entire back story in Episode 7 when I first interviewed her on my podcast and before she ever entered The Second Half SPARK School.

She shares how working with me gave her a new perspective about how her fear of the unknown - even though she had discovered her purpose and it was lighting her up - was keeping her trapped in a job and depriving the world of the books she hadn't yet written. 

Gail, who is a medium, was denying her real gifts too. She didn't think she had what it took to do what she really wanted to do. But...

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Episode 300: Finding Transformation Within a New Sisterhood, With Fred Wagner and Christine Carter

abundance mindset Feb 07, 2023

Today I'm chatting with two more incredible sparked souls, just like I did in yesterday's episode. My guests are Fredrica Wagner and Christine Carter who join me to talk about what prompted them to sign up for The Second Half SPARK School and what they learned about themselves by committing to make living a sparked second half their #1 priority. 

Fredrica Wagner, who I call Fred, is a mom of 2 grown children and a grandmother. She talks about how desperate she was for help, admitting she was in a deep dark place. But instead of staying there, stuck in inaction, she saw an ad for my free training, jumped in, and participated fully. And when it was over, she made the smart decision to invest in the deeper work we do inside the school!

Christine Carter was struggling too, with 2 jobs and strained relationships with her adult children. But what impressed me so much about Christine, is that she didn't let her very busy life keep her from participating in my free training. And...

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Episode 297: A Powerful Example Of Positivity and Faith, with Christie Miller

In this week’s episode of Living Your Sparked Second Half, Christie Miller comes back on the show to talk about her cancer diagnosis which has given her even more clarity about her purpose path.

Christie is a fun-loving, action-oriented, business mentor. She first shared her story in Episode 39 about the obstacles she faced with her family, her career transitions, and overcoming all of them to become the successful business owner she is today. But today, she shares the shocking news she received last June and the health journey she’s walked since we last talked - something she describes as her biggest gift in life.

In this episode, Christie talks about:

  • How following her intuition, which came through a dream, led to her decision about her cancer treatment   
  • The stories of her visualizations coming true
  • What she’s learned about herself during the healing process and a new hobby she’s begun.
  • Her advice for workaholics

Her winning...

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Episode 295: Learning More About Yourself Through Astrology, with Ruth Nahmias

career mindset spirituality Jan 17, 2023

In this week’s episode of the “Living Your Sparked Second Half” podcast, Laurie interviews Ruth Nahmias, a certified Kabbalah Instructor and Kabbalistic Astrologer.

Ruth began her study of Kabbalah in 1989 with world-renowned kabbalists Rav and Karen Berg. Since that time, she has drawn on the wisdom handed down through this 2,000-year-old spiritual lineage to assist thousands of people in transforming their lives.

A wife and mother of two, Ruth has taught extensively on relationships, parenting, and the spiritual role of women. Her ongoing studies have made her an expert in the field of Kabbalistic Astrology, and she’s a valued advisor, guiding her students on choosing the most successful outcomes when it comes to business partnerships, company launches, strategic planning, and personal relationships.

In this episode, Ruth talks about: 

  • Her background and how she got into astrology
  • Interesting revelations from Laurie’s recent chart reading
  • Why...
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Episode 293: What Did Your Ancestors Pass Down To You Besides DNA? with Dr. Lotte Valentin

health mindset spirituality Jan 10, 2023

In this week’s episode of Living Your Sparked Second Half, Dr. Lotte Valentin comes back on the show to talk about Ancestral Healing. 

Dr. Lotte, who is an N.M.D., author, evidential psychic medium, medical medium, ancestral healer and international keynote speaker, first shared her story, in Episode 262, about her 2 near death experiences that helped her realize her psychic abilities and led her to go to law school at the age of 52. And now she’s back to dive deep into a topic she’s an expert in. 

In this episode, Dr. Lotte talks about:

  • How she started her Ancestral healing practice
  • The differences in healing physical, emotional and spiritual body
  • Scientific studies on how traumas and positive experiences are inherited by generation

Dr. Lotte shares how the actions, reactions and interactions of our ancestors are passed down and repeated in the generations that follow until it is healed. It’s fascinating stuff!

She is also the creator of Healing...

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