Living Your Sparked Second Half Podcast | Episode 375

Episode 375: From Strangers on the Internet to Sparked Mentors and Friends, with Kim Diede and Karen Hill

mindset Oct 25, 2023

Today’s guests are Second Half SPARK School students, Kim Diede and Karen Hill who, when I first met them, were in very different places in their life but the transformations they experienced from the work they did with me in the school have been similar because now they are both sparked, living life on their terms and waking up happy and fulfilled with the right things on their to-do lists.

Kim and Karen are two great examples of women who have discovered the secret to igniting their spark in their second half. With unwavering commitment, these two have pushed beyond their fears and found newfound confidence, which has opened up exciting possibilities. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Each one’s leap of faith to take action towards positive change.
  • The energetic field we create that can attract our desires and dreams.
  • The value of meeting women who are in the same situation and the reward of connections made from having a supportive community.
  • Things they look forward to doing which seemed out of reach before.

Kim shares how she has learned to step beyond her comfort zone, while Karen shares her perspective on the societal milestones that can mislead us and limit our thoughts about what is possible. 

​​As Kim and Karen reflect on their lessons learned since beginning their journey to get sparked and the fun future that they’re excited about, it becomes evident that the reality that is now their second half is filled with hope, continued self-exploration, and new opportunities. 

Let Kim’s and Karen’s experiences inspire you to go after the boundless potential that life has to offer, no matter your age, and create your own unique, brighter, and more fulfilling rest of life.

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