Living Your Sparked Second Half Podcast | Episode 379

Episode 379: 1958 vs. 2023: Fascinating Stats for Baby Boomers!

mindset Nov 15, 2023

Do you think life is better or worse for a 65-year-old than it was in 1958? And have you ever seen statistics to back up that opinion?  

Well, I am excited to tell you that I came across a fascinating article I just had to share with you, and that's what this week's episode is all about. I'm sharing real data that shows how life today is different from our grandparents. 

Wonder what the median house price was then compared to now and what it would be if only inflation was a factor?  Curious about where most of the 65+ population lived in 1958 compared to now? (This was a surprise!)

Want to know who is turning 65 this year? (WHAT?! How is that possible?)

Would you like to know how our spirituality, beliefs about personal rights, and trust in government has shifted? (This probably won't be a surprise to you...)

How about what we died of then compared to today? (This one is interesting!)

Some of these facts may surprise you, especially when you hear about the one thing we use almost daily that did not exist in 1958. (It's shocking to know when this arrived on the scene and how it's impacted the life of today's aging population!)

It certainly was fun for me to learn these things, and now that you know them too, you have something interesting to talk about with your kids and grandkids at Thanksgiving dinner!

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