Living Your Sparked Second Half Podcast | Episode 382

Episode 382: How to Adjust to Retirement and Find Yourself in the Process, with Renee Langmuir

mindset Dec 06, 2023

In this episode, I interview Renee (pronounced like Ree-nie) Langmuir, a seasoned educator of 34 years who unexpectedly found herself transitioning into retirement after not just one but two successful careers. Then one day, her working life abruptly ended and Renee chronicled that experience and her adjustment as a “rookie retiree” in a series of personal essays.

Renee reflects on her unique perspective, derived from a blend of researched insights and mindful introspection, provides invaluable wisdom for anyone facing unexpected transitions.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How her sudden retirement happened and the tactics she used to navigate this new phase of life.
  • The role of personal essays in her retirement journey and how they were a vital tool for introspection and gaining new perspective.
  • Her invaluable tip about the first thing you should do when you retire and how it’s impossible to do when you are still working.
  • Her sadness but acceptance at knowing she’ll never be a grandmother that is relatable to so many.

Renee’s journey serves as an inspiring narrative, brimming with insights to ease transitions and empower individuals to embrace the next chapter of life with enthusiasm and purpose.

With a wealth of experience in education, Renee offers actionable advice and relatable anecdotes, regardless of whether you're on the cusp of retirement or in a state of transition. Tune in now to learn insights and strategies from Renee’s remarkable journey, and discover how her experiences can guide you towards a fulfilling and delightful new phase of life.

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