Episode 391: Four Anti-Cancer Strategies You May Want to Try

health mindset Feb 07, 2024

Today's episode is a personal dive into my journey of transformation towards a healthier and more vibrant life. I’m sharing this valuable information because, as I approach my 65th birthday, I feel better than I have in a loooong time. From nutritional shifts to detoxification strategies and lifestyle adjustments, I'll be sharing the impactful changes that I’ve adopted over the past year.

In this episode I talk about:

  • Embarking on a health journey that started with a significant nutritional change that I learned from a cancer survivor.
  • The recommended supplements that have influenced my improved health and how they contribute to cellular health, inflammation reduction, and immune support.
  • The invisible toxins that invade every part of our lives and the ones I’ve chosen to eliminate from mine. 
  • A simple detoxification strategy that improves lymphatic drainage and balance, while also increasing bone density in as little as 10 minutes a day.

As I enter my birthday week, I was inspired to share these insights because Chris Wark, the person who has had the most impact in this journey, is offering his program, Square One, free beginning February 13th through February 22nd, and I would be derelict in my duty to you if I didn’t share this news. I am not an affiliate of his program, just a huge fan. Click HERE to learn how to get special access to this amazing program!

The knowledge I’ve gained has led to dietary and lifestyle adjustments that have resulted in an incredible impact on my overall well-being and my wish for you as you hear what I have done, is for you to begin the learning process on how you can take similar positive steps to improve your health because nothing is better than feeling healthy and vibrant at this age!

Links to resources I discussed in this episode:

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