Episode 399: Using Hypnosis To End Your Yo-Yo Dieting For Good, with Rita Black

health mindset Apr 05, 2024

In today’s episode, I’ve invited a past guest, Rita Black, who is a clinical hypnotherapist and leading expert in the fields of smoking cessation and weight loss, to join me again because our last conversation was so powerful, and it’s worth hearing again. Plus she has something special coming up that, if you’re curious about trying hypnosis for weight loss, I want you to know about.

Not only is Rita the author of the best-selling book "From Fat to Thin Thinking: Unlock Your Mind for Permanent Weight Loss," she also hosts her own podcast called "Thin Thinking."

I’ve split this episode into two parts with the first part the highlights of our last conversation in June of 2023 and the second part being an new conversation where we delve deeper into Rita's methodologies for facilitating lasting change through hypnosis, emphasizing the significance of shifting subconscious beliefs and identities that can shift seemyly unbreadkable habits in just one session, like the session she experienced that changed the trajectory of her life and, more importantly, her health.

This episode includes so many great nuggets of information including:

  • How one hypnosis session helped her kick her 30+ year smoking habit.
  • How her personal experience lit a fire within to learn hypnotherapy so she could help people struggling with the problems she had overcome with hypnosis.
  • Her personal experience with bulimia and her perspective in the dieting industry 
  • Her tips for breaking free from destructive habits and achieving success in weight loss and smoking cessation 

Rita recounts her transition from Hollywood script writer to hypnotherapy and the pivotal role hypnosis played in her personal evolution. Her expertise and practical strategies will inspire you to make lasting changes and step into the second half of your life with renewed vitality.

If you’re seeking a weight loss solution and would like to check out Rita’s FREE weight loss masterclass, Breaking Free: Mastering Your Mindset for Lasting Weight Release, which includes a light hypnosis session, check it out by CLICKING HERE. This approximately 75-minute masterclass will walk you through how to remove the subconscious weight barriers that keep you struggling. Definitely worth the time spent!

This episode offers invaluable insights into personal transformation, tackling challenges related to smoking and weight, and the profound impact of hypnosis. 

Other ways to find and connect with Rita are:

Podcast: https://podcast.shiftweightmastery.com/ 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShiftWeightMastery 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shiftweightmastery/ 

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