Living Your Sparked Second Half Podcast | Episode 401

Episode 401: Finding Yourself And Your Potential After Living In A Cult, with Heather Rivera

mindset Apr 17, 2024

Meet Heather Rivera, a woman whose story is nothing short of extraordinary. I met Heather on my recent yoga retreat in Thailand and thought her story of finding her way to her authentic self, despite the pressure to be someone she wasn’t, just had to be shared as proof that true happiness can only be found when we follow our own path - no matter how winding the road may be.

Raised in a cult, Heather's early years were marked by turmoil, uncertainty, and a feeling that what she was being told simply didn’t add up. Something deep inside of her had a knowing that kept her questioning the “rules” she was being told to follow. 

Unfortunately, the turmoil that stirred within her, led her down the path of drug and alcohol addiction as she attempted to navigate her way out of the cult, but through this difficult journey, Heather ultimately found her way to sobriety, tapping into her inner strength and unearthing her passions that led her to a fulfilling career path.

In this episode we talked about:

  • The challenges and confusion she faced during her early years being raised in a cult.
  • The struggles and obstacles she encountered on her journey to overcome her addictions.
  • The many twists and turns that grew her confidence and fulfillment in her professional life.
  • Her belief in the inherent potential for growth and learning in every situation.

One of the most inspiring aspects of Heather's story is her unwavering belief in the value of every experience, no matter how challenging. The example of her failing business and how she’s successfully rebounded from that experience reminds us that adversity can be a catalyst for personal transformation, and there is always an opportunity around the corner, even in the darkest of times.

Heather truly embodies the spirit of adventure and fearlessness, embracing new opportunities with enthusiasm and determination. But the best part is that Heather is exactly who she is meant to be, ensuring her a fully sparked future! 

Tune in to hear Heather's inspiring story and get inspired to stay true to yourself and walk the path that is only yours. 

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