Living Your Sparked Second Half Podcast | Episode 406

Episode 406: How To Make A Shitty Week Better

mindset May 26, 2024

Today I'm sharing my experience in dealing with a very challenging (aka shitty) week, and the one simple little shift I made to move out of my extremely negative mindset. Yes! positive, happy, vibrant me DOES occasionally get trapped in a negative head space. And this was one of those weeks

So I'm here to share what happened and what I did, including the nasty comment I made to my husband, (Sorry honey!). And if you believe in karma when you put out good energy, you'll love to hear how the week ended, which you may think was more to my husband's benefit, but I prefer to think I played a part in that result.

It's tough to find silver linings in tough circumstances, but I hope this episode will serve as a motivational reminder to you that my simple trick does work! You CAN find inspiration and strength in challenging (aka shitty) times.

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