Living Your Sparked Second Half Podcast | Episode 408

Episode 408: One Simple Tip to Creating a More Meaningful Life

mindset Jun 07, 2024

In today's episode, I share a very simple tip for how you can create a more meaningful life. You may be surprised at how easy it is, but even more shocking is the truth bomb I drop about friendships and what your future beholds IF you follow this simple tip.
To prove my point, I share examples from my past, some recent and one that happened over 30 years ago, about lives that became more meaningful from random connections. If you're curious, I'll give you a hint about the randomness of each of these connections:
- My 86 year old mother-in-law's fender bender.
- A parking space at a football stadium.
- A long wait in line at a music concert.
- A job opportunity on vacation in Thailand.
So tune in and get inspired to begin creating the more meaningful life that is within your grasp and, in so doing, improve your health and happiness. 
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