Episode 95: 5 Ways You Could Be Doing Affirmations Wrong

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2021

I was one of those people who did affirmations every day but I never knew that, while they made me feel good, they weren't really effective in changing the way I thought... until I was trained in the neuroscience behind how our brains work and discovered these 5 tricks that would CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!

So here's the deal.... I don't want you to waste your time doing "feel good" affirmations that aren't effective. I mean, if you're already spending the time listening or writing them every day, then heck, don't you want to make that time investment as effective as possible.

Affirmations that aren't addressing these five mistakes are like the fad diet you go on to lose weight. You might get a temporary "feel good" fix that fools you into thinking the changes are permanent but very soon, everything reverts back to where you were before you started.

And I don't want that for you!

So here are my tips written down but be sure to listen to this episode for the examples because examples are the real teachers!!!

Tip #1: Always make your affirmation in the present tense as if it is already happening in your life. If you have the word "will" in your affirmation, you are making mistake #1. Change "I will" to "I am."

Tip #2: Remove all instances of negative words or phrases of what you want to remove or get rid of in your life. The universe can't distinguish negative from positive so if you are trying to free yourself from judgement or lose weight, then create an affirmation that speaks to what you'd like to gain instead. What are the feelings you want that come with no judgement and weight loss? Affirm that and the behavior you are committing to that will make that happen!

Tip #3: Don't ask for permission in your affirmations. Affirmations are statements that are positive and empowering. Asking for permission is not an empowered state, even if you are asking God. The truth is God will always say Yes because he wants you to have whatever it is you desire so step into that!

Tip #4: Attack your negative thought head on! If you try to gloss over the negative thought with some "nice to hear" affirmation, it won't work. The example I shared by one of my students in this episode is perfect! Her affirmations was a positive statement about her being proud of the daughter she raised yet her negative thought was about THEIR RELATIONSHIP.

I call this a "round about" affirmation, and these will never work. The affirmation MUST be the direct opposite of the negative thought, so in this case, I helped her create an affirmation to affirm the relationship she desires to have. And I am confident, as long as she follows the process I teach, it is already done!

Tip #5: Your affirmations aren't about rewiring someone else's brain. They are only about rewiring yours so if you have any affirmations about your spouse or child and they are affirming behavior you desire for them, that won't work!

You can only control YOUR THOUGHTS! So if it's a relationship that you care about and want to improve, find affirmations that help you focus on the positive aspects of that person. If it's a relationship where you feel unheard or unappreciated, create affirmations that empower you to speak your truth and that reinforce your awareness that others have their own truths which might be different than yours. THAT is what you can control!

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