Episode 224: Using S.M.A.C.K. To Help With Procrastination With Dr. Christine Li

career mindset May 15, 2022

My guest this week is Dr. Christine Li, a clinical psychologist in New York for the past 20 years and who is known online as the “Procrastination Coach.”. She helps people stop struggling with underperforming at work and at home so they can work smoothly and with high levels of productivity.

Dr. Christine’s unique coaching process is a blend of mindset strategy, time and emotion management tips, and a deep belief in the power we each have when we treat ourselves with love and good self-care. She is the author of the book “5-Minute Self-Discipline Exercises: Stay Motivated, Cultivate Good Habits, and Achieve Your Goals” and the host of the podcast “Make Time for Success.”

In this episode, Dr. Christine and I talked about:

  • Her story of struggling with procrastination and a workshop that changed everything for her
  • Her 5 letter acronym to help remember how to kick your procrastinating habits
  • Tips for how to manage your time, manage stress and be more productive

Through her practice, Dr. Christine realized that procrastination does not have to be a part of our character or a permanent fixture in our lives. The psychology-based system she developed and her knowledge of how to break down the blocks that interfere with the creative process will give you a rock-solid system for being consistently productive.

If you need help with her expertise, I encourage you to check out her website, her blog, and the services she provides so you can find the guidance and relief you may have been hoping for.

To learn more about Dr. Christine and her work, you can go to:
Website: https://www.procrastinationcoach.com  
Podcast Website: https://www.maketimeforsuccesspodcast.com  
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/procrastinationcoach  
Facebook Group:
Free Resource Library: https://www.procrastinationcoach.com/library   

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