Not Your Average Lives Podcast | Episode 233

Episode 233: The Lesson About Our Perception Of Time

lessons learned series Jun 16, 2022

This "lessons learned" episode was inspired by my recent free training and the questions I've received by some who've attended.

It got me thinking about how, when we are trying to make a decision - especially when it's something we want (but something that may be a bit scary and out of our comfort zone), we use time as an easy excuse. And when we do this, it's through a lens of lack vs. a lens of abundance.

We look at what taking this action will COST us in time vs. what we will GAIN from the time we put in. Will it take time from our already busy schedule and cause more overwhelm, or will the time we take give us more quality of time in the future?

Two completely different perceptions when changing the lens we look through, right?!

Let's use some example questions to show the difference when looking through the lack vs. the abundance lenses. (I'll use questions related to enrolling in the Second Half S.P.A.R.K. School since they are what inspired this episode and the best examples I can think of at this moment).

The questions posed through the lack lens might be similar to these: 

  • How much time will this take?
  • How long are the lessons? 
  • How much time will the homework take?
  • How long will the calls take?
  • Can I make this work if I have two jobs (aka not enough time)?

The questions when looking through the abundance lens tend to result in more helpful answers. (I'm reminded of the quote: The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions!)

  • How will this give me more time?
  • How will this improve the time I have? 
  • How will it help me feel less frazzled / overwhelmed / exhausted?
  • How will this improve my relationships? 
  • How will my life become happier and more fulfilled? 

Do you see how these questions lead to answers about what is desired? More QUALITY time! And maybe when the time you have is improved, you'll actually FEEL like you have more of it!!! (Funny how that works!)

Can you see the difference in what you learn by asking questions through different lenses?

As I said in the episode, most of us want what more quality time will bring us, but we aren't looking through the right lens and asking better questions that will actually help us make better decisions!

Manu of us are so quick to invest a dollar to get five back when it comes to putting coins in a slot machine in Vegas or spending it on a lottery ticket, but investing real time, which most of us don't have enough of, to 5x the quality of it? Nah!!! 

Unfortunately, only the ones who are lucky enough to be so sick of the stuck place we are in, stumble into this realization AFTER THE FACT, that the time we put in was sooooo worth the return on our investment.

So my suggestion for you today is to take this awareness with you and start questioning your perception of time when making important decisions about what you want in life. Don't ever rule out what you want because of time because you'll never get the time you want with that lens.

If this episode helped you understand time is not your obstacle, and you're IN for this round of the Second Half S.P.A.R.K. School™, CLICK HERE to sign up today. (The last day for enrollment this go round is Thursday, 6/16/22 at midnight PDT.) If you miss this round, then that same link will take you to the waitlist so you'll be notified the next time the doors open...

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