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Episode 315: The Lesson in Accidents

lessons learned series Mar 31, 2023

I got to thinking about the "accidents" in my life and how looking back on them, I now realize they weren't really accidents at all. I now see these incidents as intentions delivered by the universe.

Why is it that so many of us treat incidents that weren't of our intention as accidents and often bad things or wrong things or things that should not have happened (aka oopsies!)

And in my examples of my oldest daughter and myself as unplanned pregnancies, it really makes you think, right? Because no human being is an accident. We truly are intentions of the universe.

So how about other kinds of accidents? What incidents in your past have you labeled as an accident but were actually the universe's attempt to point you down a path that you are either unwilling to walk or unable to see on your own?

Just because we take intentional action does not mean it's the RIGHT action and it will lead us where we are supposed to go. Quite the contrary!

We often take wrong turns because most of us...

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Episode 313: The Lesson in Limitless Thinking

lessons learned series Mar 24, 2023

In today's "Lesson Learned" episode, I talk about how important it is to dream, and, when you do, why limitless thinking is critical. Some of the highlights I cover are:

  • Why I think many moms don't dream which may give you a good reason to take action.
  • A great analogy to explain how we naturally limit our thinking and what it really means to think limitlessly.
  • Why I suggest the crazier the better as you tap into your imagination when brainstorming your list.
  • Real examples of the kind of results you get when you dream from limited vs. limitless thinking.

Let this episode get you motivated to start dreaming bigger dreams, or simply START if you've never dreamed, like I never did. It's a super fun process once you start playing outside the self-imposed limits (aka boundaries) you've likely created for yourself.

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Episode 311: The Lesson in a Life Lived Without Values

lessons learned series Mar 19, 2023

In today's Lessons Learned episode, I continue the conversation I started in Episode 310 about how critical it is to have goals that are aligned with your values, but in this episode I thought it would be useful to hear a real-life example so I'm sharing my values and goals.

I'm guessing some of them may resonate with you since you're here listening to my episode and, for that reason, we're probably of like minds. We tend to navigate to people who have similar values to us.

So that's a great hint if you're like I was - someone who was navigating through life totally unaware of what my values are and not having any personal goals. 

I hope this episode brings awareness to what your values are, gets you focused on identifying goals that align with those values, and really paying attention to who you're around and what you're doing day-to-day that's either aligned or misaligned to those values.

If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review and subscribe to (or follow) the...

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Episode 307: The Lesson In Embracing Change (Especially When It’s Uncomfortable!)

lessons learned series Mar 03, 2023

I was inspired to talk about change today because I'm so proud of my daughter and her positive attitude as she navigates a huge change in her life. It compelled me to share my perspective on change and why we tend to make it so hard.

All we really need to do is shift our perspective from dreading what lies ahead, which we are likely exaggerating, to excitement about the complete unknown. But being excited about what we don't know is not where our worrying mind likes to go!

Change is uncomfortable but we need to be uncomfortable to make changes. And that's why I tell the story about the howling dog in this episode. It's a great example of what it normally takes for us to make a change we know we need to make.

While my daughter is going through a change that's difficult, she is focused on the excitement, on the positive, and on the abundance of the present moment, right smack in the midst of the change. She is not choosing to dwell on the sadness or what she's leaving,...

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Episode 305: The Lesson In Using Your Telepathic Powers (Part 2)

lessons learned series Feb 25, 2023

This is an unexpected episode that I decided to do as a follow-up to last week's Episode 303 in which I shared a fun exercise you can do to test out your telepathic powers using the power of your subconscious mind.

This follow-up was prompted by an actual experience that resulted from one of my students who did this exercise over the past week. It was so fun to read what happened to her as a result of her using her magical abilities! 

Her story PROVES this telepathic capability exists in all of us. And since I know most humans like to see proof before they can believe in this unseen magic, I just have to share her experience.

Then as I was thinking about her experience, I remembered the crazy telepathic story that brought me back together with my husband after breaking up with him 27 years earlier.

Yes! I am sure that telepathy brought us back together!!! And it only took a few short weeks. This story is really crazy but such a great example of how drastically our...

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Episode 303: The Lesson in Using Your Telepathic Powers (Part 1)

lessons learned series Feb 17, 2023

This is a real quick episode in which I share a fun exercise you can do to test out your telepathic powers using the power of your subconscious mind.

YES! That means you can communicate with another person WITHOUT having a spoken conversation, and I prove it by sharing my experience doing this exercise this past week.

I got the idea from a book called "The Magic of Believing" by Claude Bristol and just shared it as a new exercise with my students in The Second Half SPARK School.

I listened to this book on audible a few months ago, and after finishing it, ordered this paperback version because it was so good, and I wanted to keep it as a reference because BELIEF is one of the critical components you need to have to achieve the goals and dreams you desire.

It sounds easy but it really isn't because so many of us are filled with so much fear and doubt. Fear and doubt are a human's kryptonite to belief.

But if you believe, with a deep down conviction, that what you desire is on...

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Episode 298: The Lessons In Misinterpreting Your Purpose Signs

lessons learned series Jan 28, 2023

I believe this episode came from Heaven above because I was so inspired to deliver it. When I sat down with the idea, the words just flowed onto my tablet as I was creating my outline and notes.

I think it's a message every person needs to hear because I've come to realize the big mistakes people are making when trying to find their purpose because I HAVE MADE THEM!

I am the example of what not to do!!! I am the example of taking the long, meandering and misaligned road. But I'm happy to share my mistakes with you in the hopes that you meander less and get straight to doing the work that lights you up most - the work you are meant to do.

I share 3 aspects of purpose and they are all important in understanding how they must be combined to bring you deep purpose:

  • your skills
  • your gifts
  • "bright" work

Tune in to learn how these 3 aspects must work together and how easy it is to misinterpret the signs that are trying to LEAD YOU to your purpose.

If you're curious about the episode I...

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Episode 296: The Lesson (and Danger) In Not Truly Knowing Yourself

lessons learned series Jan 21, 2023

Today I share 7 signs that are key indicators that you don't truly know yourself and how this lack of understanding is negatively impacting your life. They are:

1. You feel lost.

2. You don't know where you are headed in life.

3. You have low self-esteem or low confidence.

4. You look to others to tell you what to do.

5. You let others take advantage of you.

6. You don't set goals or prioritize what's important to you.

7. You worry too much about what others think.

If you are seeing any of these signs in your life, this episode will help you understand what knowing yourself really means in each of these areas so you can start taking steps towards uncovering who you really are and not be afraid to live from that place every minute of every day. 

Recognizing the signs is one thing but I'm sure you'd like to know how to get to know yourself better if that is the ONLY way to live your best and happiest life.

Tune in so you can start developing a deeper relationship and...

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Episode 294: The Lessons In Pursuing Your Purpose

lessons learned series Jan 13, 2023

I'm especially excited about this episode since I have gained so many lessons about my own personal pursuit of purpose over the past several years and I feel they are valuable to those who may be feeling similar to how I was: passionless, insignificant, and if I'm being completely honest, mediocre.

I start the episode by giving the definitions of passion and purpose, which I googled so you know these are not just my opinion. I share their meaning because I want you to understand how they are different but intertwined.

Then I move on and talk about my beliefs based on my experiences. And just so you know, beliefs are based on perspective so this is MY perspective. And you may disagree but that's ok. Perspective is based on our experiences and there's a wide variety of purpose perspectives.

If you have a different perspective, like maybe you are too old to find new purpose or if you had a purpose, you'd know it by now, I encourage you to be open and hear what I have to say because I...

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Episode 290: The Lesson In The 3 Buckets

lessons learned series Dec 30, 2022

I saw a great self-evaluation exercise shared by Jonathan Fields, founder of the Good Life Project, that I share in this episode. I thought it was a great lesson to end 2022 with!

The exercise involves evaluating yourself in the following 3 separate categories, or "buckets" as Jonathan refers to them:

  • Vitality
  • Connection
  • Contribution

Listen in as I explain what to look for when evaluating how full each bucket is for you. Make sure to grab a notepad and take notes so you capture all of the traits of each bucket in your evaluation process.

Once you finish listening to the episode, rank each bucket on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least satisfied and 10 being the most satisfied and 5 being neutral. 

After you're done, look at your rankings and think about what improvements you want make in these areas in 2023. I recommend you focus on increasing your satisfaction for the buckets where your satisfaction is lowest.

Then in a few weeks, re-evaluate to see if your rankings...

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