Episode 286: The Lesson In Uncovering A Childhood Trauma

lessons learned series Dec 16, 2022

In this week's "Lessons Learned" episode I get super vulnerable as I share a breakthrough I had at an intimate retreat I attended in Sedona this past week with my amazing coach. And yes, per the episode title, it's about a childhood trauma that I uncovered. (This is also a great example of why everyone needs a coach, even coaches need coaches!!!)

Most humans, if normal, have some kind of trauma from childhood that is carried forward into adulthood. Some traumas are actually even passed along from previous generations by our ancestors which is a topic I'm just starting to delve into and will talk about in a future episode... But today I'm talking about a trauma that occurred 55 years ago when I was 8 years old.

The trauma was triggered by an event and subsequent thoughts that became obsessive and controlled my daily life. Over time, as I aged, those thoughts that had led to coping rituals, were pushed down into my subconscious and tucked away until now.

But what I've learned and know to be true is that our past still affects our present, even if we aren't consciously aware of it. I know this, I teach it, and, as a coach, I help people discover these things. But I was completely blind to this forgotten trauma and how it was still impacting me.

All I knew is that something was holding me back from truly stepping into my limitless potential and what I know I am here to do. Something was in my way and I wanted to get to the bottom of it.

What's funny is that it's something I thought I had conquered, but the truth is, I hadn't uncovered this memory that needed to be dealt with.

One of the big lessons which I didn't share on the episode because I didn't think of it until I began writing this episode summary is that, we'll never conquer our humanness. And we should not want to - ever! We are amazing and complex beings and we just need to accept that we are a work-in-progress, always growing and making new discoveries.

And if we can find the awe and acceptance in that, we will live a very happy and contented life.

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