Episode 292: [JFDI #10] Start Your 2023 By Creating A Gwish List!

I've invented this thing called a "Gwish" list and it's the first step in my 2023 planning process which I share in this episode.

Gwish is a term meant to imply a combination of goals and wishes because sometimes we get so caught up in the goal-setting process that we don't realize some of our goals aren't aligned or may even conflict with our deep desires.

In my experience, goals are more logic-based and dreams are more heart-based so I've found that this process, as you keep going and adding to the list, culls out more fun and exciting things you want to do that come from the heart instead of the brain. As your Gwish list grows, dreams you may have been suppressing or hadn't thought of until now start to appear. 

But the #1 rule is you need to pretend you are limitless, meaning you have no money restrictions, no family obligations, no fear, and all the time in the world. Play with it! Have fun!!!

You'll also learn the other 3 things I did this past week besides my Gwish list as I was looking at what I want to attract into my life this year.

These are all things I teach in the Second Half SPARK School and they work! They are all part of the manifestation process and how to express your desires to the universe. So now JUST go and FRIGGIN' DO IT!!! :)

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