Episode 309: JFDI #12: Going Deep On Human Design and Self-Discovery!

In this episode I share my experience of having my human design chart read by a human design expert from the School of Human Design. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for over a year and I finally just friggin’ did it!

If you’re not familiar with human design, it is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered that helps individuals truly understand their authentic selves and know when they are not showing up as the person they were born to be. It also explains the areas where we are likely to be most inauthentic and susceptible to conditioning by others.

I discovered by own human design a little over a year ago but only touched the surface with it, not understanding the many nuances about it because a chart is very complex. Think of it like the operating manual for your conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself and it really takes an expert in the field, to read and interpret the human design language for you.

In this episode I share:

  • The five human...
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Episode 302: [JFDI #11] A Birthday Gift To Myself, After 11 Months of Procrastinating!

Today I'm sharing something I started one month ago today, on January 14th. (This was recorded on 2/12/23 but it's being published on 2/14/23.) This something has been on my To Do list for ELEVEN MONTHS but I've kept putting it off and putting it off.

So of course, that qualifies it for my "Just Friggin' Do it" episode for this month because I finally just friggin' did it!!! And it wasn't something I did once, it's something I've done for 30 consecutive days!

Listen in to see what it is that I've done - it's actually TWO things that have contributed to the amazing way I feel - and as a result, have lost almost 10 pounds.

When you feel great, you have more energy, and when you have more energy, you feel younger so I can say that spending the last 30 days of my 63rd year focused on my health, was the best birthday present I could have given myself.

And I refuse to revert back to the sluggish, feeling crappy, "average" grandma I had become. It creeps up on you slowly, as you...

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Episode 292: [JFDI #10] Start Your 2023 By Creating A Gwish List!

I've invented this thing called a "Gwish" list and it's the first step in my 2023 planning process which I share in this episode.

Gwish is a term meant to imply a combination of goals and wishes because sometimes we get so caught up in the goal-setting process that we don't realize some of our goals aren't aligned or may even conflict with our deep desires.

In my experience, goals are more logic-based and dreams are more heart-based so I've found that this process, as you keep going and adding to the list, culls out more fun and exciting things you want to do that come from the heart instead of the brain. As your Gwish list grows, dreams you may have been suppressing or hadn't thought of until now start to appear. 

But the #1 rule is you need to pretend you are limitless, meaning you have no money restrictions, no family obligations, no fear, and all the time in the world. Play with it! Have fun!!!

You'll also learn the other 3 things I did this past week besides my Gwish list...

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Episode 284: [JFDI #9] When Your Body Is Sending Warning Signals

I was excited to bring you this episode where I talk about some non-conventional healing modalities that I've recently learned about - things that most western medicine doctors won't suggest or prescribe because, unfortunately, it's not what they're taught and it's not what pays their bills.

I made this a part of my Just Friggin' Do It series because I finally got serious about my health after over 3 years of dealing with mysterious stomach issues that can't be explained by my primary care doctor,

I was first pointed down this path by Christie Miller, a health coach, who I had on my podcast in June 2020 (See Episode 39). What's interesting is that even though Christie is a Health coach, she openly admits that she wasn't living a healthy lifestyle, and in early July found herself sitting in an oncologist's office being told she had an aggressive form of breast cancer.

So Christie went into action-mode which was researching everything she could about cancer, the treatment protocol...

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Episode 273: [JFDI #8] Being With My College Besties

This month’s “Just Friggin’ Do It” episode was recorded right after my weekend with my college besties when I was still feeling so energized and filled up with love from being with people who get me like no one else. They are my soul sisters.

I’ve known these women since the late 70s when we all met at Old Dominion University in Virginia. My connection with each of them was instant from the get-go, and although we’ve been through many ups and downs as we’ve navigated our different lives with spouses and raising children, we’ve managed to be better for it and love and understand each other on an even deeper level. 

In this episode, I share the 3 key things that these friends give to me and why I believe these things are what we should look for in the people we surround ourselves with.

I hope you have your own soul sisters in your life, and if you do, when was the last time you saw them? If not recently, don't you think it's time...

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Episode 265: [JFDI #7] She Finally Bought Her Dream Car!

Today I'm sharing something that one of my students FINALLY just friggin' did... She bought her dream car!!!

She first put it on her Vision Board in March of 2021 and now it's parked in her driveway giving her a little spark every time she sees it and especially when she gets to go out and drive it!

In this episode I share why she almost put the purchase on hold and how what she did is so common for us to do. It might even be something you are doing right now with something that you desire.

Listen in and hear how my probing questions led her to the aha moment she needed and the reason that was keeping her from taking the action she really wanted to take.

Finding the answer that was inside of her all along was key because it allowed her to move forward, not stay stuck in inaction, and build the confidence she needed to know that she has all it takes to make her own decisions and go after the things she desires. And by now having this lived experience, she's inspired others with her...

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Episode 256: [JFDI #6] Send The Damn Note!

This episode, as many are, was inspired by my own recent experience where I had a thought to send a card, but then I stalled on getting that nice gesture done. Do you do this too or am I the only oddball?!?!

Fortunately I didn't stall too long, or worse, follow through at all! I GOT IT DONE! But as I thought about my experience and how often I actually DON'T act on these thoughts, I realized it was a perfect example of something that fits into the category of "just friggin do it!"

Sending a thoughtful note seems like such a simple thing, a minor task that shouldn't take much time and means so much to the receiver, yet so many of us don't put that thought into action because we get caught up in our busy lives and bigger tasks that, in the end, probably don't matter as much!

So my ask of you today is to FOLLOW THROUGH on that nice gesture you've thought of but may not have acted on yet... Get that card, take a few minutes to write that message you've been thinking about, and...

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Episode 250: [JFDI #5]: My Lifelong Desire to Play an Instrument

In this episode I share something new that I’ve begun that I’m super excited about… I’m learning to play the ukulele! It’s been quite the journey to get here but I’ve finally arrived and I’m committed, excited, and practicing daily.

I’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument but I told myself I didn’t have any talent for it, that I was tone deaf and I have a terrible voice so somewhere along the way I just decided it was too hard because it didn’t come naturally to me. All really silly reasons to not take action on something you desire to do - and what I’ve come to realize are just more of those limiting beliefs!

Recognizing these limiting beliefs were preventing me from doing something that was really a deep desire, because it kept coming up in my head, was my first realization. Then I started to pay attention to the signs that began appearing… Signs that told me it’s time to JUST FRIGGIN’...

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Episode 237: [JFDI #4] A Long-Delayed Random Act of Kindness Finally Done

In this month's episode of my "Just Friggin' Do It" series, I share a long-dreamed-about random act of kindness that finally came to fruition. You may wonder why it took me so long to do something so wonderful, and that is part of the reason I wanted to do this episode because it is the same question I’ve asked myself.

If I can dissect what held me back, then perhaps my reflections will help you take action on something you’ve been thinking about but not taking action on…

My curiosity about why it took me so long to do this random act of kindness led to the following questions and some answers, which I dive into in this episode:

  • Why did I hold back on taking action on something that kept coming up, even if it was just a simple, random, act of kindness?
  • Why were my feelings more important than the impact of my action?
  • Why did I finally act? What made the difference?

The feeling that I got from doing this was amazing and of course confirmed what I preach and...

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Episode 229: [JFDI #3] Life-Shifting Actions That Led To The Real Me

In this month's episode of my "Just Friggin' Do It" series, I talk about the 4 biggest actions I took that led me closer to the life that I believe I came here to live as the most authentic version of myself.

All of them came from my gut, meaning something deep inside of me pushed me to do them, while my brain was, in most cases, trying to talk me out of them. .

These were actions I had never done and all of these life shifts have happened in the last 16 years of my life, after I finally, at age 47, admitted to myself that I was not living the life I wanted to.

Looking back, I know my gut had been sending me signals of dissatisfaction in both my marriage and my career for a long time, but I ignored them. Then one day I found it more scary to keep living the life I was settling for than to start taking action and figure it out.

Little did I know where it would lead! And little did I know that that confused, empty, unlit version of me was totally misaligned with my authentic self and...

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