Episode 294: The Lessons In Pursuing Your Purpose

lessons learned series Jan 13, 2023

I'm especially excited about this episode since I have gained so many lessons about my own personal pursuit of purpose over the past several years and I feel they are valuable to those who may be feeling similar to how I was: passionless, insignificant, and if I'm being completely honest, mediocre.

I start the episode by giving the definitions of passion and purpose, which I googled so you know these are not just my opinion. I share their meaning because I want you to understand how they are different but intertwined.

Then I move on and talk about my beliefs based on my experiences. And just so you know, beliefs are based on perspective so this is MY perspective. And you may disagree but that's ok. Perspective is based on our experiences and there's a wide variety of purpose perspectives.

If you have a different perspective, like maybe you are too old to find new purpose or if you had a purpose, you'd know it by now, I encourage you to be open and hear what I have to say because I not only have my own personal journey in going from passionless to purpose-filled, but I also teach people how to do it, so my perspective does have lots of experience behind it. 

In this episode I address one big widespread misconception about purpose. (Hint: it's not a noun!) And I share why that might be the reason you thought you had a purpose but no longer do.

Last but not least, I reveal the 3 most important things that will help you find purpose, and if you don't have them, your purpose may evade you forever. Yikes!

Speaking of purpose, if you'd like to attend my new free training called "The Awakening of the Empty Nester" where I talk about pursuing purpose in your second half, go to https:/www.notyouraveragegrandma.com to register for this 3-part live workshop, or, if we aren't currently enrolling for the workshop, you can join the waitlist and be notified the next time it's held.

The dates for the next workshop should be on my website.

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