Episode 297: A Powerful Example Of Positivity and Faith, with Christie Miller

In this week’s episode of Living Your Sparked Second Half, Christie Miller comes back on the show to talk about her cancer diagnosis which has given her even more clarity about her purpose path.

Christie is a fun-loving, action-oriented, business mentor. She first shared her story in Episode 39 about the obstacles she faced with her family, her career transitions, and overcoming all of them to become the successful business owner she is today. But today, she shares the shocking news she received last June and the health journey she’s walked since we last talked - something she describes as her biggest gift in life.

In this episode, Christie talks about:

  • How following her intuition, which came through a dream, led to her decision about her cancer treatment   
  • The stories of her visualizations coming true
  • What she’s learned about herself during the healing process and a new hobby she’s begun.
  • Her advice for workaholics

Her winning mindset and visualizations have proven to be very effective. In fact, she tells the story in Episode 39 about how she’s won THREE cars in her lifetime and uses powerful manifestation techniques to reach all her goals, including crushing cancer.


Links to previous episodes mentioned on the call:

Episode 39: Finding True Purpose at Midlife, After Many Career Changes With Christie Miller

Episode 221: [JFDI #2] Connecting With My Dead Father


To learn more about Christie and her work, you can go to:

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EatTrainWin/ 

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thehealthcoachesclub/ 


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