Episode 307: The Lesson In Embracing Change (Especially When It’s Uncomfortable!)

lessons learned series Mar 03, 2023

I was inspired to talk about change today because I'm so proud of my daughter and her positive attitude as she navigates a huge change in her life. It compelled me to share my perspective on change and why we tend to make it so hard.

All we really need to do is shift our perspective from dreading what lies ahead, which we are likely exaggerating, to excitement about the complete unknown. But being excited about what we don't know is not where our worrying mind likes to go!

Change is uncomfortable but we need to be uncomfortable to make changes. And that's why I tell the story about the howling dog in this episode. It's a great example of what it normally takes for us to make a change we know we need to make.

While my daughter is going through a change that's difficult, she is focused on the excitement, on the positive, and on the abundance of the present moment, right smack in the midst of the change. She is not choosing to dwell on the sadness or what she's leaving, on what she knows and what she's comfortable with.

She is choosing to believe that more magic is ahead and, in fact, she believes the best is yet to come. And even better, what a great role model she is for her little boys and helping them adjust to the big change.

If we could all face big change and the unknown future ahead with excitement, we'd be so much happier!

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